Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Deer via Trail Cam

Kristen's Uncle has a trail cam set up not far from Kristen's deer feeder. The sensor on the camera takes pictures once every 30 sec if it senses motion (I think that's how it works anyway) Here's one of the pictures that the camera took.

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Weekend In Review

I did this nice long post yesterday of everything we did this weekend and put nice little comments next to every picture and then I get an error message from that they're experiencing problems and lost everything!!! here's the pictures. Not putting as many comments this time. Basically all day Saturday Kristen and I went scouting out some of his hunting spots, the farm animal pictures were taken at a Barn Sale that we went to on our way up north.

Saugeen - another one of Kristen's hunting spots

We found the arrow that Kristen lost last year when he shot at a deer and missed.

A Field at Luthers Marsh
This is a Black & Yellow Argiope, harmless to humans but very feared by them due to their large size. She frightened the living daylights out of me cause I almost walked right through her web. Can't even imagine if I did and she started crawling all over me....ugh...eeebie geebies.

An old house we saw on our walk through Luthers Marsh Conservation area.

Friday, August 25, 2006

Giggling Tomatoes

As I was getting ready for work this morning Kristen walks in the room...

K: You know what we should have done this morning?
C: What? (completely puzzled what he's going to say now)
K: We should have went out for breakfast
C: To Giggling Tomatoes??....
K: Yeah
C: Well give me about 5min to finish getting ready and we can go
K: Okay

So I hurried up as fast as I could and off we went, had bacon, eggs, toast, homefries and coffee. It was yum-my!! Normally I claim that I LOVE eggs and bacon yet it never really "hits the spot" for me, but today boy did it ever hit the spot. I was so glad Kristen suggested it...oh and by the way get brownie points for suggesting the two of us go out for breakfast to begin with :)

They don't have a website but they have two locations in Brampton, one on Queen St and one on Chingacousay Rd (however you spell it)

Thursday, August 24, 2006

Recipe Thursday - Turkey Manicotti

Everytime I make this, Kristen "claims" he doesn't like it, yet he gobbles it right up. I know some of us newfies aren't too brave to cook with curry, but trust me this concoction is delicious!! I'm actually making it for dinner tonight, thinking about having garlic bread with it too. Ideally a green salad would go best with this but I'm just craving the bread today :) A couple of my hints are, don't add the milk or very little, if it's too runny it's just a huge mess trying to spoon into the noodles. I've made this without cottage cheese and tastes just fine.

Turkey Manicotti

1 lb. (450g) ground turkey
1/2 tsp Mrs. Dash Table Blend seasoning
1 tsp curry powder
1/2 tsp pepper
1 can cream of mushroom soup (384ml)
1/4 soup can 1% milk
Cooking spray
8 oz (250g) manicotti noodles
1 x 8 oz tub 1% cottage cheese (250g)
1 jar of your favourite pasta sauce (700ml)
1/4 cup low-fat grated Parmesan cheese
Aluminium foil

-Brown ground turkey in a large nonstick frying pan or work at medium-high.
-Once meat is thoroughly cooked add: spice, soup and milk to pan, in that order.
-Mix well to combine and then remove from heat.
-Spray lasagne or cake pan with cooking spray.
-Spoon filling unto uncooked manicotti until ¾ full. When all shells are filled and in pan, spoon cottage cheese over top, then spoon sauce over top.
-Sprinkle on Parmesan and cover tightly with foil, shiny side down.
-Bake in oven, set timer for 50 minutes.
-When timer rings for manicotti, uncover.
-Grate cheese directly over top.
-Return to the pan to oven and set oven to broil.
-Watch it carefully as it only takes a couple of minutes to bubble up.

Courtesy: Food TV from the show Fixing Dinner


Kristen emailed myself, Myrna and Jen this morning sharing how he thinks this show is the new best show in the I've watched a few episodes with him and it's actually quite good. I really want Kristen and his Dad to apply to the show cause not only do I think they would do well I think it would be an experience of a lifetime. Who knows maybe I'll see if I can talk the Pa-in-law to do it.....

Check it out:

Our little Fledglings Have Left the Nest

We knew the day would come, but it's such sweet sorrow.

I'm happy that our little baby birds have left the nest as they were supposed too, yet I'm sad that they aren't there anymore. I can't go out on my porch in the morning and "peek" in to see what little Brewser, Gerry and the gang are up too.

Especially Brewser who would look right at you and even turn his head a little in curiousity. He was so cute. Kristen tells me they don't go far from the nest for the first little while but truth is I haven't seen them at all since Monday evening, when Brewser was staring Myrna down.

Think these are only little birds, can't even imagine when I have kids of my own and they leave home for the first See below, my last picture of him :(

Monday, August 21, 2006

Camping at Turkey Point

Turkey Point

Dinner Friday evening, pizza over an open fire and deep fried chicken wings ...YUM!

Pictures in general:
Kristen fishing for Chris with "beer bait"
Kristen, see his little mohawk?
Chris and Kristen sharing an umbrella, once again it poured down rain while we were camping. Do we ever go camping and it doesn't rain?

Chris and Jen
And last but not least, Myself & Jen :)

Had a great time, wouldn't have been upset if it didn't rain but still had fun. Take the good with the bad and make the best of it.

Murphy's Diner

On our way to Turkey Point Kristen and I stopped for lunch at "Murphy's Diner" absolutely loved the place. Kristen and I were immediately in love when we sat down and noticed a bottle of Franks Red Hot (Kristen's addiction) sitting on the table with the rest of the usual condiments of ketchup, mustard, and vinegar. Then after placing our order the waitress leaves a tray of hot peppers and relish for us to add to our meal as well. If anyone knows Kristen and how he likes hot stuff (including, this place couldn't get any better.'s me eating the infamous "Murph Burger" it's a burger made with lean ground beef (think homemade patty instead of yucky cheap processed ones) with real cheese as a topping (not kraft cheese slices) and get this .... a slice of ham, and not sandwich ham, it was called cottage rolled ham or something like that. Who would even think to put a slice of ham on a!?!?! I have found my new fav burger, it was sooo good!!

Thursday, August 17, 2006

Turkey Point

This weekend Kristen, myself and a couple of friends are heading to Turkey Point for a couple of nights of camping.

Haven't been there before, but I hear the beach is pretty nice there. Kristen also found on the website a few hiking trails that we can do. We always say we're going to do a hike and never do. Hopefully this time we actually get our butts in gear and do it.

Will post pics on Monday of our weekend :)

Today's Mission

"No matter what our troubles, when the earth turns on its axis one more time and we see what appears to be the sun rising, I feel it's the universe calling for a change in ourselves. You have one more day. Rise with it!" --Oprah Winfrey

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Happy Anniversary

Today is our 8 year anniversary! We got together when we were 18 (yes I know....brutally young) we were dating before that, but as you did back when you were 18, this is when we officially said we were dating exclusively (or going "steady" lol)
I can't believe how much we've changed since getting together back then. All for the best I know, to be how we were when we were 18 makes me laugh and cringe at the same time. I could get mushy here and go on about why I love him and so on but I don't want too, first because it would probably embarass him and secondly it's kind of private. When I was 18 I would have went on and on but now, I don't think so, I guess another thing that age and experience teaches us. Either way, here's to us and many many more years together! Love you lots :)

Deer Feeder

It seems hunting season is just around the corner again. Bow season for deer starts Oct. 1st, so in preparation, Kristen bought a deer feeder. It's like a tin 5 gallon bucket that you hang from a tree and it's full of feed (a corn mixture you buy from the hunting store - Bass Pro Shop in this case) below is a little container that has battery inside and a sensor that releases the food at dawn & dusk. There is enough food in the bucket right now to last two weeks. The idea is to draw deer to the area now, so they'll still be around when hunting season starts.
For you people who aren't really big on the whole hunting scene, this isn't "setting them up" like it seems. The deer are already on this property, you're just guiding them a little to exactly where you want them on the property. And it's not like you have a free for all with it, you still have to have all the proper tags and things like you would if you were moose hunting. Also, shooting a deer with a bow is much harder than shooting with a gun.
Kristen in the tree stand checking out the view. I actually climbed it myself to see what it was like, it was pretty neat.

Blue Heron Eats Frog

On our way back home from Flesherton I see this heron with some "thing" hanging from it's mouth, it almost looks like a starfish cause all I see is a lump hanging by what looks like a leg, with another leg and two arms just flailing about!
I start laughing at scream at Kristen 'HEY I think that's a heron trying to eat that frog'
Kristen: Yeah right
Christa: Turn around
And sure enough, Kristen turns around and this is what we see!

A bit of a closer view, sorry it's blurred. The bird flew away just after this with the frog still dangling from her mouth. Not sure if it's a her but for some reason I just think it is. I know it seems cruel but remember it's a part of nature :)

Sunday, August 13, 2006

Introducing Tristan

Kristen and I headed to the hospital to visit Steph and Tristan, he is in the special care nursery at the hospital, in an incubator. He is okay, had low blood sugar, which is now regulated, but they also want to monitor him because he's considered a preemie. Steph's due date was actually Sept 8th she has since found out. He should be getting home in a couple of days.
Here he is.....isn't he just soooo cute?!!??
The Proud Parents, yes Steph does look a bit tired in this picture. But you have no idea how well she actually is. I'm am amazed and yet so proud of how well she went through her delivery and recovery. Definitely a tough girl!

Friday, August 11, 2006

Tristan Jason Cullihall

Born: 9:13 am
Weight: 6 lbs 1.5 oz
Length: 18 inches
Both mom and baby are doing GREAT! Dad seems quite excited himself :)
Congratulations Steph & Jason!!!

Steph in Labour appears we may have a new Baby Boy Cullihall in the world at any minute! Here's why:

5:20am - phone rings, I reach for it, it goes flying across my night stand...

Christa: very sleepily..."hello..."
Voice: quite shaky and quivery....."hello...."
Steph: I think so....either way we're going to the hospital and I won't be going to work.
C: Are you sure it's not Braxton hicks?
S: No, I think my water broke and I started getting period cramps
C: Ooohh.....okay how long do they last and how far apart?
S: I don't know
C: Okay start timing them
S: Okay
C: Okay well call when you find out what's going on
S: Yep I will

And that was it I hung up...I roll over, thinking I'm going to get back to sleep, but NOOOO I'm WIDE AWAKE. Trying to stay still and be quiet cause I know Kristen can be cranky if he doesn't wake up I finally say "that's it" and get up. First thing I do is call Steph's cell, either it's off or she didn't take it.

I decide I'll shower and go from there. I call Jen once I'm out of the shower to let her know what's going on and come to work. At work, I call Jason's cell...thankfully he answers. He said I just came outside for a bit of air. I ask how she is, he said she was already dialated when they got there and she's about to have the baby at any moment. I asked if she had an epidural and he said no, I asked if anyone was in with her (she was supposed to be asking a neighbour but don't think that happened since she's in labour 2 and a 1/2 weeks early) he said no, but the nurses are with her and I'm right outside the door.....phew. I told him well you call me right away if she needs me for anything. He said he'll do...and that's the scoop.

Just waiting for him to call me now and tell me if little Tristan has come into the world yet :)

Birds Nest Update - Names

We're pretty sure we have 4 babies, we had 5 eggs....
Don't know if you can see the one in the front left of the nest looking up at Kristen, he's the spunky one, we're calling him Brewser. The second one we're calling "Gerry" as per Myrna's suggestion since they hatched in our Geranium hanging basket. Jen gets to name one and then we're accepting suggestions.

Thursday, August 10, 2006

Babble Babble

I don't have anything to talk about today, can you believe that, the gabby chick who could talk you blind doesn't have anything in particular to say. But I'm good at babbling and that is what I shall do.

No plans tonight really, going to attempt some laundry and clean my room (which literally looks like a tornado hit it) and maybe even watch Big Brother.

This weekend Kristen and I are going to Flesherton for a drive (making preparations for hunting season coming up) and who knows what else. There's the "Leathertown Festival" on Sunday, since Acton is known for it's LEATHER. So maybe we'll venture by there...otherwise should be a fairly relaxing weekend.

It's quiet not having Kenda around, not because she's a noisy person, just missing her presence that's all. It was so nice actually having a family member from home visiting with us for a vacation. And Blaine returns from Nfld on Sunday, wonder if he'll bring any fish back to us?

Anyway that's enough for today. Oh want to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! the following:

Jody Brake
Samantha Sheppard (my cousin, not Jody's niece)

Both birthdays were yesterday, sorry I'm late.

Wednesday, August 9, 2006

Corey & Vicky Wedding

Congratulations to Corey and Vicky who also got married this past weekend. Which wedding would I actually have attended had we went home?!?! Luckily I didn't have to make that decision. Best Wishes to you both!
Love this picture of them kissing in the old car

Cutting the cake...yum!
So pretty down by the Rocky Harbour lighthouse
The Beautiful Bride

Tuesday, August 8, 2006

Running Scared

Okay...I have never even HEARD of this movie before, didn't see any trailers, heard of it when it was in theatre, nothing...then last night Kristen, Kenda and I went to Movie Gallery to rent a couple of movies for the evening. Kristen picked this one out, I knew it would be a guy movie but I was okay with it since I am a Paul Walker fan.

It's the complete opposite of what you expect of Paul Walker (especially since the last movie I watched him in was the Disney movie "8 Below") but I have to say I liked it. If you get a chance, check out the trailer:

Kenda's Trip to Ontario

I can't believe it, Kenda flies home TODAY! How fast did two weeks go?? I'm really going to miss her. You don't realize how quickly your own family can become strangers to you when they live so far away. It was awesome having her visit.
Here's a few pics of her two weeks here. Last Sunday July 30th we went for a walk, this is Kenda at the end of the walk. Luckily she's smiling, we were all pretty frustrated with how many mosquitos were bothering us.

She went to all Kristens ball hockey games, and tonight is the last one of the season. She'll miss that one cause she'll be flying through the air

Kenda and I trying to enjoy the game, it was really hot and really humid. Thus, my rock-a-doodle hair going on :) And this Sunday Aug 6th we went to Niagara Falls
Kenda enjoying the falls
Me striking my falls pose...not much of a smile there is it??
No Kristen wasn't posing, he was waiting for Kenda and I to take pictures and I turned around and snapped a quick one of him.
It was great having her here and going to be really strange getting used to not having her here again tomorrow. She's just like a little sis and I'm going to miss her very much. Just hope I don't cry at the airport tonight....eek! That wouldn't be good.

Dwayne & Tania Wedding

Congrats to Dwayne & Tania on the nupitals they shared this past weekend. Here are a few pictures of the day.
The Ceremony, outside under a very simple tent. I can't get over how beautiful everything looked.

Looks like Tania teared up a bit here, with the exchanging of rings.
Aaahh....the Kiss
Congratulations to you both. Wish we could have been there.

We've got Babies

Tuesday, August 1, 2006

Toronto Zoo

Meerkat at the zoo (just like Timone in the Lion King)
I loved these guys! They were so spazzed out and kept running around, they wouldn't stay still so I could take a picture. Then for one split second he stopped and tilted his head to the side and posed. I took this picture and then off he ran again. It was really funny.

An Orangutang enjoying some leaves

Kristen was VERY annoyed that I wanted to take his picture with the Lion in the background. Notice that fake smile "SAY CHEESE!!"

I couldn't believe how tall the giraffes were!

I'm calling this the baby Hippo, this one was inside the Pavillion, when we went back outside we found a HUGE Hippo so this one had to be the baby. He was being very playful with these leaves.

Kenda (the whole reason we went to the zoo...yeah twisted our rubber arms) and the big elephant in the background. It was an extremely hot day but I think she still had fun.

We did soooo much walking and we were extremely hot and yucky when we left but well worth it. We arrived at 9am when the zoo opened, luckily. When we left around 2:30 the heat was almost unbearable.