Tuesday, October 25, 2005

House Moving Eve

Well one more sleep and it's officially moving day. I've been pretty tired with all the packing and moving boxes. It's great to have Kristen's mom here, she's been sooooo helpful! I'm glad it worked out for her to be here for moving day. Yesterday we had our "walk through" officially called our PDI I think...it went well. A few minor things wrong, missing shower rod, few spots needing paint touch ups, couple door knobs need to be replaced and a drawer in the bathroom missing a panel. I feel good that there are no big catastrophes or anything like that.

Today we go to the lawyers office and make the purchase final (signing our lives away...ha ha) but it's exciting cause this means all the paperwork, phone calls, etc are over. Then tomorrow we only have to load up a truck and pick up a key, a lot less stressful :)

Oh wanna hear a funny story? Yesterday my cousin Kayla was bringing groceries into her house through the basement door, all the while not realizing my dad had hidden behind the basement door cause he had seen her coming. So when she opened the door jumped out at her. She told me she just started screaming cause she didn't know what was going on. LMAO, isn't that just hilarious, I guess you have to know my dad and know Kayla to get the full effect but I think it's great.

Friday, October 21, 2005

Love Triangles & Legal Assistants

It's been a crazy week, not only at home packing boxes but at work too (month end, and countless invoices). Just an update on the love triangle, the co-worker came in the next day to ask why I put through the call from the ex-girlfriend. I explained that she said it was urgent and she had never said that before so I didn't really know what to do. The co-worker replied, well it doesn't matter, no matter what she says, emergency or not I don't want the call. She can't call me at home and I like it that way, and I don't want to take her calls here...or something along those lines. I'm like that's fine, now I know. She's like well I don't want to keep bothering you about it. And that was it....but deep down I still think it's a collections agency. Wish I really could get to the bottom of this. Myrna had left a comment however about "karma" and how she's not so innocent and pure herself. So maybe she really is an ex and this is her payback. Life works out in strange ways.

Now as for legal assistants...there's been some confusion with the final numbers on prices for closing costs. To figure it all out, it appears some of our upgrades weren't added to the mortgage so they want us to pay cash for them at closing. So I'm trying to get the proper paperwork sent to our mortgage guy so a cheque can be sent from the bank to the lawyer for closing day. However, for the past 3 days I seem to be hitting a wall cause nobody is understanding what I am requesting and I'm the middle person. Finally today I was talking to my lawyers assistant and she started getting mad and snippy with me, cause she thought I was being an ass. So I told her how to add, yes really I did....and she's like oh yes I see what you're saying now. Grrr...

So as of now, I think everyone understands what paperwork I require and its just a waiting game. Can't really expect too much on a Friday afternoon I guess. But if this is my only headache with moving to the new house, I'll take it. Knock on Wood, so far things have been going pretty well. Maybe moving day will be a disaster...eek!!

Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Update on the love triangle/collections agency

The "lady" just called again, I didn't page, just left her on hold a couple of minutes and went back and said "Sorry the supervisor isn't answering the page. She's like well you need to page someone, anyone, foreman, another supervisor. I NEED to speak to Mrs. Silva, this is URGENT! And she wasn't very polite. I'm like..."oookaaay" and paged the supervisor who then in turned paged the co-worker. So far nobody has come in to yell at me, hopefully they won't. Oh well see what happens.


"Hope is not just … looking out the window and going, 'Everything looks pretty good. 'That's what optimism is. Hope is when you look out the window and you go, 'It doesn't look good at all, but I'm going to go beyond what I see to give people visions of what could be."
-Anna Deavere Smith

Friday, October 14, 2005

and the saga continues...

If you recall from yesterday I had put in my blog about a co-worker in the plant coming in to ask me not to page her for calls from a certain lady (she claims is an ex-girlfriend of her husband) However, being a receptionist I've started to recognize certain calls to certain employees. Let me explain further....

I recall this "lady" calling a few days ago, not once was the tone of voice, background noise, etc, anything remotely related too a bitter ex harassing a current wife. But who am I to judge I've never been in this situation. So guess what, the "lady" just called, she explained to me that the co-worker has to call her at this number before noon because its an important matter regarding her account.

Now back to my experience as a receptionist....these calls are usually collection agencies its the same sort of background noise from those call centres, not to mention she was extremely polite to me but firm in trying to get the point across of how important it is that the call be returned.

I'm so confused, either the co-worker is a complete slacker and is lying to avoid paying her bills OR the ex "lady" is really good at harassing someone cause I would never think that this nice voice on the phone is capable of being a part of such acts!! Either way I'll keep you posted how this plays out.

Being 25

Is soooo stressful....it's supposed to be that time in your life when you're carefree, out partying, having fun. Instead I'm so worked up about so many things. Apparently what nobody tells you is at 25 you're supposed to know who you are and make life altering decisions. For example, where to live, where to work, when to marry, when to have children, what are your goals in life so you invest your money properly, it goes on and on. I know I'm not the only one in this situation cause I've had many conversations with friends lately about the exact same issues. I can't wait to be 40 when you supposedly have everything in life figured out....lol.

Thursday, October 13, 2005

Thursday Thoughts

Last night was our first night of volleyball of the 2005-06 season. I was happy and disappointed all at the same time. I loved getting back out on the courts and spending time with the girls. Disappointed cause I was frustrated with our performance (we lost all 3 games) I'm trying to remind myself that its the first night back and most of us haven't done much since last years season ended last April. he he. So I think we'll start to come around in a few weeks. Have to keep spirits up and play hard.

Yesterday was officially 2 weeks til we move to the new house. Kristen decided last night to clean the garage and pack up a few things while I was out. I was soooo happy, the garage and electronice things are the few things that I didn't want to have to take care of before we moved. So relieved that he took that initiative. Every evening I've been trying to pack a box, I think I'm really going to go heavy duty while Kristen is hunting this weekend. I don't really have any plans so that'll be what it I guess.

Holy crap, a lady here at work just asked me not to give her any calls unless its her husband or daughter cause her husbands ex girlfriend is harassing her. She's been married for years and is far from in her 20's. Wow, some people just never grow up I guess. Just had to share cause it really surprises me.

So yeah, back to reality.....lol. I think I'm getting that head cold thats goind around. I have a sore throat and a stuffy nose even thought I don't really feel sick. Hopefully this is as bas as it gets, if it gets worse I'll probably be more whiney. If I do, I guess my weekend will be relaxing and having chicken soup :)

Friday, October 7, 2005

Happy Thanksgiving

Well this is going to be a mushy post, I was reading another blog this morning and she had listed everything she was thankful for. I'm going to do the same.

Health- unless I'm healthy it's hard to enjoy anything in life. Especially since a friend was diagnosed with Hodgkins disease this year (at only 22) it really hits home how lucky so many of us really are.

Home- just over 2 weeks and I will be in my new home. How many people can say they had their first new home at 25. Kristen and I are very fortunate.

Wealth- no we're NOT rich, far from it but we are both employed and there's not much that we want that we do go without.....well within reason :)

Family- I've been so blessed to have a close and supportive family. Not only do I have a brother, and my parents alive and well. I also have all my grandparents still kicking. I remember being in Grade 4 and talking to a boy in Grade 5 and he said to me "so you know all your grandparents?" and "I'm like yup some of my great grandparents too" (I think 2 of them were still alive at the time) he's like "you're so lucky" and I kind of looked at him weird thinking well doesn't everyone know their grandparents? He never knew any of his....now looking back I realize he missed out on so many things with "Nan and Pop" that if we talked now he could never relate too.

Friends- I have sooooo many great friends. A couple that are really close to me. Without you guys I don't know what I would do, you keep me sane, let me bitch and vent, you make me laugh, let me cry, and help me realize why girlfriends are the most important thing to have in the world.

Love- last but certainly not least, there's Kristen. I don't even know what to say here without embarrassing the shit out of him....lol. You're my best friend, the one I share secrets with that nobody else knows, you keep me grounded and remind me when I'm not being a "better" person. You're always giving me hugs or cuddling in the morning (making it so hard to get up). I love that you're so passionate about the things you love, hunting, fishing and hockey. I love that you tolerate my moods and moments of craziness. And as hard as it is to admit I like that you're a smartass, yes it does aggravate me sometimes, but the rest of the time it makes me laugh and I love that we can just have fun together.

So yeah, that's it for now, all of these topics especially family, friends and love I could just go on and on. But I won't.....hope you all have a great thanksgiving and take even just a few moments to reflect on what you're thankful for.

Thursday, October 6, 2005

I want a pumpkin like this one....

Just rec'd this email thought it might put you in the Halloween spirit :)


I feel like doing a post but I really have nothing to talk about.Oh there are a lot of things going on in my life right now that I could talk about but prefer not too since this isn't really the most private place to share my thoughts.

Kristen was pretty excited last night about the NHL season starting again. Unfortunately Leafs lost against the Ottawa Senators in overtime but they still played a great game. While he watched hockey I had all intentions of catching up on some reading but ended up scrapbooking instead. I finally started Myrna's and Jamie's wedding pages. They aren't finished but well on the way. Just need to finish up the journalling and embellishments. After cluing that up for the evening I watched LOST. Oh did I mention that Kristen and I like Sawyer as a future boy name when we eventually do have kids!?!? lol.

Tonight Jen and I are going to the Volleyball Captains meeting, even though its a pain in the butt to go, it's very exciting cause it means that volleyball is "probably" starting next Wednesday...yay :) I hope we have a great season this year, we have a couple good players that I think we'll be a real help to us this year. Not only will we have fun we might be more competitve than previous years....hope so...he he.

Tuesday, October 4, 2005

Celebrity Twin

Got this one from other blogs as well....I'm so excited about this one cause I love this gal!!
Your Celebrity Style Twin is Jessica Simpson
Flirty, feminine, and fun.

I am sooooo boring

I did this quiz that Myrna had on her blog (Daphnes friend Deb did too) and apparently I'm just a "normal" girl, I soooo suck. Need to start doing something more adventurous.
You Are a Normal Girl
You are 60% Good and 40% BadSure you've pulled some bad girl stunts in your past.But these days, you're (mostly) a good girl.
Are You a Good Girl or a Bad Girl?

Monday, October 3, 2005

Babysitting Esau

This weekend was a good one, Friday night I went to watch Kristen play hockey (which they won, due to the other team having no goalie) and VERY early Saturday morning I headed to Kristen's Uncle Brians house to babysit Esau. Kristen and his Uncle were going Deer hunting since it was opening day of the hunting season. I was nervous but excited. Esau is 9 months old and I haven't babysat a child that young literally in years! But it all went well, he's such a pleasant and easy baby to take care of. When he woke up in the morning he didn't cry he just sat up and grinned at me. Later in the afternoon, Myrna, Esau, the dogs and myself all went for a walk. It took us a while to get ready (leashes, strollers, coats, hat, doggie bags, etc) but then we were off and it was a really nice time. No wonder Dr. Phil says a stay at home mom is equal to 2 full time jobs (especially if you have dogs) lol!!

I had a great time though, I don't think I failed miserably at being a pretend mom for the day. However, I didn't exactly get "baby fever" either. I know I do want kids but I also know that I'm not "quite" ready to start trying for a little one just yet :) I do hope that I get the opportunity to babysit again, he's just so sweet and its really good practice too ...he he. I think Uncle Brian is doing a great job considering everything he's been through and how well he seems to be coping.

Then on Sunday I did laundry, went to Kristens 2nd hockey game of the weekend (which they lost 5-3) and then headed to Acton for a look at our house. The ceilings are done, drywall done, hot water tank and furnace installed, garage door going to the backyard installed and all our ceramic tiles for the floors and bathroom are on site and hopefully being installed soon as well. Only 23 sleeps and we move! Yay!