Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Great Spirits...

I guess the holiday season is finally getting to me, I've been in great spirits the last couple of days. Yes I'm frustrated that I can't get everything done as efficiently as I would like, that I don't have all my Nfld shopping done, and the weather doesn't even SEEM like Christmas ...but it doesn't matter, it's CHRISTMAS!!

Kristen turned our outside lights on last night (we put them up Saturday night and I don't really like the final outcome but it'll do for this year) and this Friday I'm skipping hockey and getting all my decorations put up inside the house (except for the tree since we're having a real one)

Also want to say CONGRATULATIONS to Jody, Craig and Daymon Brake on the birth of their new daughter/sister Gina Rosalind born Nov. 24th weighing in at 7 lbs. 10 oz (I think that's right?!?) what a special gift to receive just before Christmas. I hope all is well!

And totally excited that I bought myself some new boots this past Friday, they're not the ones I originally wanted from Payless since they sold out but these are better :) Boots rock!

Wednesday, November 22, 2006


What an eventful few days....Saturday Kristen bought a pro pick ticket and got ALL 11 GAMES CORRECT...see winnings below :)

We have taken money aside to pay for our trip down south in the spring (not sure where we're going yet) going to buy a new video camera and Kristen will spend the rest on himself (more than likely on tools...lol)
Since Monday I've been VERY sick with a really bad stomach virus. I'm back to work today but still have a lot of pain, at least I'm not still 'sick' per se. I won't go to volleyball tonight in hopes to give my stomach a rest and to heal up.
And Jen is gone....I hear her flight got home okay and on time. She was very tired after a night of not much sleep (I'd be the same) ...it certainly will be different not being able to see her on a weekly basis. I'm sure there are times I will be sad about it but I know it's for the best. Really happy that she was able to pursue such an opportunity.

Friday, November 17, 2006

The Queen of Ramblings

It seems that's all I do....

Jennifer: today is her last day at work, and just over 3 days from now she will be on a plane to Nfld. Looking forward to seeing her at hockey tonight, I've avoided her all week (via email, calling in the evenings) out of consideration of her VERY busy schedule, from training the girl replacing her, to packing, to probably countless conversations with people interupting her at work to say good-byes, etc. Mryna told me as of 2pm she had cried once, I'm sure it's been much worse since then.

Christmas Shopping: this weekend's "to do list" is to finish the gift shopping for the Nfld family (my parents, Kristens parents, his sisters, granparents) I finished my mom lunchtime, grandparents will be finished tonight whenI go to walmart to buy gift cards to go with their gifts, and Sunday, Kristen and I will finish the rest after his hockey game. Then all that's left are the Ontario family and each other :) Yay! I LOVE Christmas!

LED lights: We going to buy LED lights for the outside of the house this weekend, I like the classic look of white lights but I don't like how the LED lights look light blue (called icy white on the box), even though they say they're white. Much to my delight this year they brought out 'pure white' which are a clear bright white, and then they have 'soft white' which almost have a yellow cast to them and look more like non LED traditional white lights. I'm so torn!! I don't know which of the whites I want to buy now....pure white or soft white?!?! Any tips from someone who may have bought them?

Decorating: I love decorating the house for Christmas, I will probably start Dec. 1st since Kristen and I are hosting a dinner party on the 2nd. Everything but the tree will be out/up, we put up a real tree as of last year so that can't be done til closer to Christmas. There are a couple of things that I would 'like' to buy to add to my collection but they're not necessities so not sure if I'll end up getting it or not...the couple of things I have in mind are a wreath (with gold and ivory accents) for the front door and ivory ribbon/ornaments for the tree - I have enough in gold. So nothing too expensive or important meaning if I don't get around to buying these things not a big deal.

Anyway...enough for one Friday afternoon. Have a great weekend everyone!

Thursday, November 16, 2006

Nan & Pop Ball

This is my Nan & Pop Ball at Nan's 85th Birthday party (yes I forgot to put birthday wishes on here for her, I'm a terrible granddaughter) I think she looks pretty darn great for her age...also please note that is her NATURAL hair colour. I think it was only around 10-15 years ago when she got her first grey hairs. Lucky gal!
Apparently as a child she had firey red hair (thus where the red hair comes from on my Dad's side of the family) but when she got some kind of fever as a child, I know it starts with an 'r' her hair turned black and has been ever since. Strange stuff back in the day I tell ya.

Birthday Wishes

Happy Birthday Amanda Park!
(have to put her last name since I know so many Amanda's)

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

The Magic of Boney M

Heard a commercial for the new Boney M cd on the radio this morning, holy crap am I excited!?!?! I've always loved their Christmas music but never owned the cassette, yes it's that old I'm 'told' it was only ever released on a cassette tape,...that is until NOW! A CD with some of my FAVOURITE Christmas songs.

Track Listings
1. Rivers of Babylon - this rocks!
2. Daddy Cool
3. Sunny
4. Belfast
5. Lute
6. No Woman, No Cry
7. Rasputin
8. Painter Man
9. Ma Baker
10. Gotta Go Home
11. My Friend Jack
12. I See a Boat on the River
13. Brown Girl in the Ring
14. Mary's Boy Child/Oh My Lord - one of my FAVS!
15. Bahama Mama
16. I'm Born Again
17. Oceans of Fantasy
18. Ribbons of Blue
19. Still I'm Sad
20. Hooray! Hooray! It's a Holi-Holiday
Already did a price comparison and looks like Futureshop has the cheapest for $13.99 (haven't checked walmart or costco) but will definitely be buying this one in the near future to listen too when I'm decorating my house for the holidays. This just made my day :)

Tuesday, November 14, 2006


Congrats to Kenda and the rest of the team for winning the Volleywest tournament they attended in Corner Brook last weekend. They lost their first few games, but won 1 which sent them to the semi finals, won that and then won in the finals! How's the for being down but not out! Congrats girls :)
Seems like I haven't posted in a while but I feel like I shouldn't post unless I have pictures or something interesting to say. If I posted whenever I felt like it, it would be the typical Christa ramblings. I'm told I ramble quite a bit (not only blog related)
Saturday Steph, Jen, Myrna, Vicki and I went to the movies to watch Open Season. It was cute, a good family movie. The hi-light of the movie for me, was almost at the end when the whole theatre goes quiet and it's the serious part....well the guy next to Jen lets out this big ol BURP!! I LOST it, I was laughing so hard and trying to be quiet at the same time, with the tears coming (you know what it's like when you're trying to be quiet cause you're not supposed to laugh out loud) and Vicki looks at me and goes "Are you crying" I manage to whisper (quite loudly in my opinion) "No, I'll explain later" But Miss Jennifer keeps laughing and I keep feeling her seat shaking which starts my laughter all over again, I eventually half whipser to Jennifer "I ...can't.....breathe...." not sure if we caused a scene or not (don't think so) but boy did it strike me funny. Any other day I probably wouldn't have even noticed, either way had a great time at the movies.
Then a few of the remaining girls went to Myrna's but not before renting Brokeback Mountain and some cheesy volleyball movie to which I can't even remember the name. Just want to say I was very skeptical about Brokeback Mountain and even though some scenes were weird (to be polite) to watch, the overall movie was good and I really liked the story line, even though it's fictional I really do believe that this could be or is someone's reality. And yes, I would recommend you to watch it. I still think it's more a chick flick in a twisted sort of way cause I think women would appreciate the movie more then men. Straight men just won't be able to get past the gay part (well men that I know wouldn't).
Anyway that's the latest, volleyball updates and movies reviews it seems today's themes are. Til next time!

Tuesday, November 7, 2006

Goose Hunting

Kristen went goose hunting yesterday after work and look what him and Corey got!?!?!
For those of you who haven't tried goose, it has a similar taste to moose and the meat is VERY tough. Kristen wants to bottle it, I want to cook it in the slowcooker. Either way the meat is frozen now and we'll decide when the time comes.

In other news, I haven't been driving the new car much, I did tell Kristen that I still want to learn how to drive the car (currently I SUCK at driving a 5 speed) but I don't think I'll be the primary driver. I take the 401 home everyday and it's bad enough dealing with road rage and stop and go traffic in an automatic let alone a standard. So for now, I'll learn how to drive her, but will not be taking her to work on a daily basis. Sad I know cause I love the GOLF so much, but hey, any car is better than no car.
ALSO, not sure if you have heard of "Operation Christmas Child" but for those of you in the GTA who read my blog, please consider giving this year. I'll even come pick up the shoebox from you. Here's the link: http://www.samaritanspurse.ca Myrna volunteers to do this every year, and is the one who gets my butt in gear for such a great cause. I myself will be getting my shoe box ready this weekend for her. If you're considering giving this holiday season and you're not sure to which charitable foundation, I strongly recommend this one.

Monday, November 6, 2006

Birthday Greetings

Happy Birthday Daphne!!
...and belated birthday wished to my Nan Ball and cousin Tammy! Sorry it's late :(

Friday, November 3, 2006

My New CAR!!

Here she is, my new chick car....Kristen will be driving her for the first couple of weeks since she's a 5 speed I need to re-learn how to drive one (it's been probably 10yrs since I last drove a 5 speed) I'm so excited, it's a 95 volkswagen Golf with 170,000 km for those of you who actually care about car jibberish. I let Kristen take care of those details.

In other news, I have good/bad news...good because Jennifer got a new job...Yay! Bad because it's in Newfoudland...Waaaaa! I know all she's ever wanted was to get the opportunity to move home and now she has, however it's at the price of leaving me!! Well not just me but I am taking it a bit selfishly right now....lol. Either way I want to wish you all the best Jen and good luck! I'll miss you lots but I know it's for a good reason so that'll hopefully make it a bit easier to cope :)
Anyway, lots to do again this weekend, don't really want to talk about it right now though. Be back Monday with a weekend update...Happy Friday Everyone!

Wednesday, November 1, 2006

Halloween In Review...

Our porch lit up last night for our whole 16 trick-or-treaters

My co-workers and I dressed up in pyjama party theme (2 people missing from photo)
My hi-light of the day, having my photo taken with Batman & Robin!!!!