Monday, December 31, 2007

2007 Year in Review

I’ve been thinking about this year in review post for quite some time now….when I think about 2007 I immediately think about how this has been THE single most interesting year in my life thus far. It has had some of it's highest highs and some if the lowest lows.
There are a lot of highs, but here's a few:
I got MARRIED!! Woo-hoo!!!!! 'nough said :)
New position at work, I wasn't very happy at my job for some time and things have really turned around.
Myrna & Jamie had Sarah, Jen & Chris got engaged.
And another year of health & happiness shared with amazing friends & family
The lows:
Passing of my Grandfather.
A very hurtful family secret was revealed.
Jen (well kind of 2006 for Jen but she made it permanent in 2007), Chris, Myrna & Jamie all moved to Nfld.
And other downs throughout the year that I feel I have over-come.
I've learned so much this past year, I've learned I still have a lot to learn, I feel wiser, less naive, I feel like I have a better understanding of who I am as a person, and actually followed through on 3 of my 6 resolutions from last year....50% ain't all bad :)
And now on to this year's resolution....I think about the word resolution itself...which makes me think of the word "resolve" and that word makes me think of Kristen.....he's the deer hunter who spends hours alone with nature…just “being still” having that time to reflect, enjoy nature, and to listen to his inner voice. And in turn it seems that he does have a stillness, a resolve, if you will, about him.
So my resolution this year is to "be still" I've realized that it's time for me to stop being busy, and just take some time to listen to myself, have that quiet time, try to make my life somehow "zen" Don't get me's not that I think my life is chaos or that I'm unhappy, I just feel it's the next step for me to take, if I'm going to grow as a person. It does scare me though, it's a huge risk taking the time to be still and listen to your inner voice. Sometimes you hear things that you've been trying to ignore...sometimes it forces you into action, sometimes it forces you to just keep your mouth shut (this one I think will be a big one for which in turn will probably lead to a few more "mini resolutions" but we'll see how it goes & take it from there.
Along with reading Eat, Pray, Love which encourages everyone to take time for themselves, here are a few other quotes and snipits to further my argument:
*Why Become Still? Inner stillness is the key factor for "hearing" our best lives calling to us. Of course, if we can't get still, our lives still communicate with us, but they often have to shout with such deafening voices that we can't ignore them. Our true selves are always whispering instructions about what we should do next, whether that's changing the world or just changing our attitudes. If we're still enough to hear our own inner voices at this subtle, almost silent level, we tend to choose the course through life that feels most blessed and least traumatic.

*"If you peel back the layers of your life—the frenzy, the noise—stillness is waiting. That stillness is you." —Oprah

*Harmony doesn't come from the absence of noise, it's come from the stillness of the soul - Li Ping

Happy New Year Everyone…I hope 2008 is full of peace, happiness, and the opportunity to “be still”

Friday, December 28, 2007

Christmas 2007

First...Christmas Eve:
Before shot of our yummy lobsters, then into the pot!
Then my bro showed up....and then the after shot...yummy lobster...did I mention that already?

Second on Christmas eve...the little ones. Here's Esau showing off his new coat. Then there's Tristan showing off his present from us. His very first guitar :)

Christmas Morning:
Our tree with all the un-opened gifts. Kristen & his new hockey pants

Kristen opening his new compound bow case & me later in the day showing off my new "camel pack" from Kristen. The water goes in the back pack and you drink it through the tubey thing :)

Look Ma! Matching hats!

Turkey dinner
Really like this picture of Kristen even though his smile is a bit goofy :)
And the boys on their computers....let's just say Christmas day was very relaxing

Hope you all had a great Christmas!

Friday, December 21, 2007

Kris Kringle

Yesterday at work we had our Kris Kringle...this is me opening my gift. An awesome Mikasa serving platter. It's has a nice Christmas pattern and will definitely come in handy since I don't have a nice Christmas platter.
On another note, today is my last day of work til Dec 27th....yay! Not a long break but better than nothing. I have a bit more shopping & wrapping to do and I'm ready for the season.
Happy Ho Ho Ho....only 4 more sleeps!!

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Gingerbread House

Our first gingerbread house....Kristen picked it up one day to discover after it's already put together and all we had to do was decorate. Much to his disappointment but we worked with what we had
Here's the "before" shot:

Me attemping to mix the very stiff icing....look at the icing sugar ALL over the cupboard. It was a big mess. Not to mention right after this, I had to answer the phone, so Kristen continued mixing and actually broke my mixer....told ya the stuff was stiff The "artiste" very hard at work

And...the "after" shot:

So that'd be our first attempt....she ain't all bad I s'pose :)

Only 5 more sleeps til Ho Ho Ho!!

Wednesday, December 19, 2007


So I get a Christmas card yesterday.....front of the card says...."He's making a list and checking it twice" ....inside of the card says "Santa seems a little obsessive compulsive doesn't he?"
And the note from my dearest friend Jen..."Christa: saw this card and immediately thought of you" HA HA!!!
Actually I did laugh out loud when I read it....and I know I'm anal....there's no denying it.
See those who don't know me "that" well should know that I pretty much have a list for EVERYTHING! I have a list for groceries, I have a list of meal plans for the week, I have a list of things "to do", I have a list that's a "sort of" budget for the month of bills, spending money, etc, and currently I have a list of Christmas gifts to buy for Kristen, then another list of gifts to buy for others, and even a "wishlist" but not for Kristen, it's for myself in case I get any $ as Christmas gifts and for some Christmas gifts that I need to buy for myself FOR Christmas gifts. Confused yet?!?!
But that's me, I like to be organized, I like to be on time, I don't like procrastinating, and I find without my lists I'm VERY forgetful. Plus for those people who don't use lists, I don't know how you do it? Hats off to must be a talent. I could never do it. So are we calling that obsessive compulsive?? When I look at how many lists that I do, yeah I'd have to agree. But I'm really not like that with everything....I'm just OCD when it comes to lists :)
I'm sure we all have "something" though, Jen for example, the culprit of the card to begin with...has a thing with germs (as we all do within reason) Jen just a little more than others. And absolutely nothing wrong with that, that's just "her"
Well they say the first step is admitting there is a problem....
"Hello: my name is Christa and I'm a list-a-holic"

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Christmas Tidbits

Random Christmas Tidbits.....
1) Co-worker that I sit next to, changed her radio station to ALL Christmas music.....sweeeet!!!
2) Co-worker who I've "sort of" taken on as a little brother (living on his own for the first time who comes to me for advice sometimes) gave me a Christmas card today, and it basically said "thanks" and I don't know why but it TOTALLY made my day :)
3) Kristen & I smelled "burning" on our tree last night, no worries, we haven't burned the house down....not yet anyway. But I guess it means our 8 year old lights will be thrown out and will need to purchase new ones. Should be quite the adventure trying to re-do the lights with all the ornaments already on the tree.
4) Another co-worker is retiring and today is her presentation of a card and yummy cake, can't wait...YUM! I love cake.
5) 1 Week, 7 sleeps til Christmas....woo-hoo! Did I mention I love Christmas?!?!
Happy Tuesday!

Monday, December 17, 2007

Great Weekend

My weekend was very productive....finally have a Christmas tree and it's decorated!! Kristen and I also decorated our gingerbread house (Kristen did most of it), caught up on all of the cleaning, had dinner with friends, went to another friends Christmas party and had our first BIG snow storm of the season :) I have lots of pictures so they'll follow thorough-out the week.
But I'm in great spirits, it actually FEELS like Christmas!! And most of my shopping is done so I don't feel overwhelmed and able to just ENJOY everything that comes with this time of year.
Oh & something random....I found out today there's a shared folder at work so ALL employees can view pictures from the Christmas's one I found of Steph & I ....I THINK we're doing the twist....or I certainly HOPE so...LOL.

Happy Monday! Only 8 Sleeps til Christmas...woo-hoo!

Friday, December 14, 2007

I'm a boring blogger today...nothing interesting to talk about, no restless nights (actually slept REALLY well last night) no big events going on, just the hustle and bustle of the holiday season.
Tonight I'll go to Kristen's hockey game, Saturday we're going out for dinner with friends, and then we have a Christmas Cheer house party that we've been invited too. Sunday I have Kristen's hockey game but not til later in the afternoon. I have a couple of things that I would "like" to do this weekend but it all depends on how things go.
First: a Christmas tree....we haven't bought/cut one yet....we're so behind this year. Kristen said he might take care of that today since he's off work...(yes I'm still bitter about him being off work, not really but so if he does then either tomorrow or Sunday before hockey I'll get that decorated.
Second: Bass Pro Shop....I'd like to take a trip there this weekend to finish up some odds & ends shopping for the "boys" that are left on my Christmas list.
Other than plans except SLEEPING IN! I haven't done that in a few weeks now and I'm really looking forward to having the option of getting out of bed when I want to get out of bed. Yay!
Have a great weekend everyone :) TGIF!!

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Bipolar Disorder

There's a member in our family who suffers from Bipolar disorder or known to some as being manic-depressive. In a means that you are either an extreme high (happy, energetic, etc) or an extreme low (depressed, tired, possibly even suicidal) and generally these highs and lows are over a period of time (weeks, months, to years) not one minute you're happy and the next minute you're sad....well not for this family members diagnosis as there are different types and levels of bipolar.

So.....this family member has been on a "low" for a quite a while. He claims 2-3 years, I wouldn't say that long but very close to a year or more. Then last week, I think it was, he just switched...he's now on a high. And boy did it make for an interesting night for Kristen & I. Kristen & this family member were going hunting in the morning, so he decided to spend last night at our house.

I got home from work, and he immediately just started talking to me as soon as I stepped in the door. Just remember as I tell you this story the voice level is always at loud or yelling....

So he's going on and on and on....barely taking a breath. I'm listening and making conversation as I finishing up making dinner. Then we eat dinner and I'm washing dishes and he starts. Kristen let's go clean your garage, and then we'll work on the basement, then we'll move that drywall,......Kristen's like, let me take a minute to finish supper and then we'll start. Nope that answer wasn't good enough. He's like well I'm starting without you....

Meaning "I" get dragged into it, cause he goes Christa, can you wash this bucket for me, and can you get me some garbage bags, oh and can you fill bucket back up with water and cleaner? I get home at 6pm from work, 7pm I had cooked dinner, ate, washed dishes, and did who knows how many chores for "TFM" (The family member)....then I got ready for volleyball and was out the door by 7:30 and I was exhausted.

I get home at 11pm and all is at peace :)

Until 2am.....I here "TFM" up to the washroom. And me being a light sleeper I hear just about everything. Then Kristen get's up at 3:30 to go to the washroom. The noise begins.....

I hear "TFM" up the rest of the night....he's walking around the house, first he can't find the remote for the tv in his room, then he can't watch a DVD because he can't figure out how to get the player to work, then at 4:39am I hear a REALLY loud voice yell...


Frightened the living daylights out of us, not to mention our poor cat is under the bed hissing and growling cause she's not adjusting to the sudden loudness at all.

Kristen grumbles a bit and how am I supposed to get back to sleep? But somehow he managed. But not I...I listen to him in the kitchen and I wonder...should I get up and make him breakfast, or show him where the frying pan is. Or turn a movie on for him (I realize now I should have done just that)....

THEN....I hear noises...clunking noises.....humming.....talking...more clunking noises....

It's 5am and he's cleaning the basement!!....picking up wood peices that are left around from Kristen's construction, and who knows what else. Finally at 5:39am....He yell's

KRISTEN, YOU NEED TO GET UP IF YOU'RE GOING HUNTING!! And this time there's knocking on the door with more of the cat growling & hissing under the bed. Kristen yells back, I'm getting up in 10min. It only takes me 10 min to get ready... (this is also true)

I start laughing, and tell Kristen. You need to be patient with him, he can't help it. So Kristen gets up and goes to washroom. I'm left in bed with a pillow over my head and "TFM" comes to the door and starts talking to me...yes with the pillow over my head and still in bed. So I chat with him til Kristen comes out of the washroom. Who comes and closes the door for me....

Then I hear the front door shut....and then I hear a loud BEEP, BEEP, BEEP....Kristen's car alarm.....

I hear Kristen grumble again, and storm through the house.....then both of them come in the house and they're arguing with each other. I hear Kristen going...."bad enough you had us up all night, now the neighbours too!!!" By this time, I'm up and I'm totally cracking up laughing....really what else can I do? I'm going on no sleep and "TFM" really can't help it.

And yes, all of the above is funny, but really how must he feel? I know how bad I feel when I can't get a good nights rest, but add on the enormous amount of energy that you just don't know what to do with? You literally cannot sit still.....but he did tell me this morning while my head was under my pillow...

"I hope I don't come down off of this cause I really don't want to go on that low again"...and really who can blame him? Despite everyone's lack of sleep, this is the happiest I've seen him in quite a while...and on another note...I don't think he's spending the night tonight so me, Kristen and poor 'ol Maggie can get some Zzzz's

Wednesday, December 12, 2007


1) Co-workers brother is now home from the hospital...and is doing okay. It'll be a long recovery but seems to be out of the woods right now :)

2) Funeral today for the former co-worker, haven't been to a funeral in 3 years so I'm pretty anxious about it. But on a happy note I'm looking forward to seeing some of my other former co-workers as I haven't seen them since I left over a year & a half ago.

3) Kristen is working his last day of work until Jan 2008 ....he officially sucks :) Love you hunny!

And last but not least.....13 more sleeps til Christmas! Happy Wednesday Everyone!

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Christmas Party 2007

This past Saturday I had my work Christmas's a shot of Kristen and I.
And my new hair can't really see much of it in this picture BUT see how there are sections of my hair that look "dark" its not poor lighting...that's the brown streaks that I have put in my hair. It's a bit more noticeable now cause I can't stlye my hair like my hairdresser did so now it's a big brown/blonde mess :) But I do love the different look.
We had a great time and will definitely be going again next year, if circumstances allow of course. I finally feel like I'm in the Christmas spirit and not quite so stressed as I was a couple of weeks ago. And now it's snowing which makes it even MORE Christmas-y. Yay!

Monday, December 10, 2007

Quote for the Day

"Say that blessings come because we let them..." --Karen Harryman

Friday, December 7, 2007

Another Passing....

yep....another sad post.
I received an email from a former co-worker of mine to tell me that another co-worker of ours had passed away. I'm so shocked and sadden by this news. I knew she was off work receiving chemotherapy but I had no idea she was THAT sick. I knew they had pretty much started the chemo as soon as she was diagnosed which was honestly maybe a couple of months ago.
I just can't believe it, she was young (only 41 or 42 if I remember correctly) single gal, who loved life. You work with someone 7 years and say good-bye to move on to a new position not realizing that might literally the last time you say good-bye to them. You just never know what life has in store.
My thoughts & prayers go out to the Belliveau family at this sad times in their lives. God Bless.

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas....

....everywhere you go!
And certainly is true for our neck of the woods.
We had been getting snow every evening last week, and sunday morning we woke up to this!
So...I put Kristen to work....not really :) while he was shovelling, I was making us breakfast, made up of quiche, bacon, hash browns, toast & a nice hot cup of coffee...YUM!
I do NOT enjoy driving in this weather but boy do I LOVE this weather. I love the snow, I love how Christmas-y it makes everything feel. If only I could get my butt in gear & get my decorations all out to make my house looking the part.
Only 21 more sleeps til Christmas :)

Monday, December 3, 2007

Girls Annual Cookie Bake - 2007

It's officially Christmas, we're now into December and this past Saturday the girls got together to do the annual cookie bake. The company was awesome and the finished product delicious, what more could you ask for?