Monday, December 17, 2007

Great Weekend

My weekend was very productive....finally have a Christmas tree and it's decorated!! Kristen and I also decorated our gingerbread house (Kristen did most of it), caught up on all of the cleaning, had dinner with friends, went to another friends Christmas party and had our first BIG snow storm of the season :) I have lots of pictures so they'll follow thorough-out the week.
But I'm in great spirits, it actually FEELS like Christmas!! And most of my shopping is done so I don't feel overwhelmed and able to just ENJOY everything that comes with this time of year.
Oh & something random....I found out today there's a shared folder at work so ALL employees can view pictures from the Christmas's one I found of Steph & I ....I THINK we're doing the twist....or I certainly HOPE so...LOL.

Happy Monday! Only 8 Sleeps til Christmas...woo-hoo!

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