Friday, June 30, 2006

Upcoming Girls Weekend

Time goes so fast, I can't believe it's been a year since our last girls weekend, and with a family tragedy. And here we are, the annual trip away. And hopefully this year without any tragedy. Sidenote: Thoughts will be with you Uncle B & E on the upcoming anniversary of your wifes death.

The boys left yesterday to go camping, they'll be returning on Sunday. This evening the girls will be heading to the cottage and returning on Monday. Weather is questionable, calls for showers and temperatures in the low 20's, that's not so warm temperatures in my opinion, I've packed lots of sweats just in case :)

It was weird being home without Kristen last night, since we don't spend many nights apart and those who know me realize I'm THE biggest baby you will ever meet. When I was a kid I would go to sleepovers and cry to go home or literally be throwing up the next morning cause I would make myself "homesick" through-out the night somehow. Now that I'm older I don't "cry" for mom & dad but just transferred to being homesick for Kristen. Even now when I get nervous about something in general, I can feel that "sick" feeling in my stomach.

And yet, last night I was okay. It took me a bit of time to get to sleep (not because of Kristen but because of sleeping so long on the drive home yesterday afternoon, traffic was a bitch) but once I feel asleep, it was good. Normally I'm awake most of the night tossing and turning. When I got up this morning I thought for sure I'd have the nervous stomach and anxious about travelling today but nope, I feel perfect!

Now this might sound bad for Kristen, cause it's like oh she doesn't even miss him anymore. Not so! I'm still a big baby and miss him lots, BUT I do see this as me "growing up" I take it as me being more independant and secure in who I am, oh and less needy. Yes I'm very needy I see this as a small but very important hurdle that I've finally overcome as a person. Well let's wait to see how the weekend goes once I'm away with the girls, but I still know that this is good for me. Time apart from that significant other is important in any relationship, it's time to re-group, get refreshed, and have that oh so important bonding time with your girlfriends and just go on about the things that guys don't get or care to get.

Anyway...I've rambled on quite enough for one day. Will post pics when I return, I'm taking the manual camera (that's another post for another day) so how quickly I post the digital pics will depend on how quickly the girls email me their copies :)

Happy CANADA DAY everyone!!

Thursday, June 29, 2006


It's finally starting to feel like home. A couple of weeks ago they put down the sod in our backyard. No decks or fences yet, hopefully soon though.

And yesterday we finally got sod in our front yard.
This is the 2 mini soccer fields and playground that are being put in right across the street from our house. The mailboxes have been moved since this picture was taken. It's located at the end of the street now.
Part of the promotional from our builder was a front landscaping pkg. Not much to it but still adds a bit of character to the front of the house instead of just a lawn. The Hostas aren't doing so well, yet....but once they take and Kristen gives it some TLC I'm sure they'll start looking much better soon.
And last but not least this is our tree that's on the blvd.

Logans Baptism

Myrna took a few pics last Sunday of Logan when she, Jamie, Jen & Chris attended his Baptism.

Isn't he just ADORABLE!!
And just as cute in colour :)
The Proud Parents: Mark & Kayla with the Preist

Monday, June 26, 2006

the ME blog

How do I explain this, Myrna has a friend Tara, who has a friend Leslie. I read all of their blogs on a regular basis. So today when reading Leslie's (who's an avid scrapbooker) she referenced this new Blog site called "the Me blog"

Here's their purpose:
"So here we are. Autumn Leaves' recently published 'The Me Book,' a successful look at ways to create layouts all about you. And to encourage and continue the 'ME' movement, we've started this blog.
Look here every week for a new challenge. A new way to document yourself. Post your layouts somewhere and hook us up with a link. And once a week, we'll choose a winner (at random) from the submissions and send you a little something."

Here's the website, for you scrapbookers, thought it would be a challenge that's new & different. It's so true though, you end up doing pages of everyone you've ever met when you scrapbook except for yourself.

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Jack & Jill

Corey - The Groom having a good time

Vicky (Bride to be) & Steph (see her prego belly)

Jason & Kristen "bustin" a move or two

Myself, Jen and Angie

A Thorn between two roses....myself, Jason and Amanda (a neighbour of Jason & Steph)

I won! I won!! Yay...a basket full of girly goodies

The Jack and Jill was a great success and lots of fun. Told you I was only posting "sensible" pics. Don't really want to post pics that might embarass people too much...he he he.

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

My Travel Blog

Visited Countries
My Visited Countries

I saw this on another blog and thought how neat, here's where I've travelled so far in my 26 years of life. Hope to colour in a lot more areas in the future, and hopefully sooner than later.

Monday, June 19, 2006

Kristen gets Brownie points :)

Just want to share something cute that Kristen did this morning....

When I was driving into work with Steph she informed me that Kristen was going to her house tonight to watch the hockey game (tonight is the stanley cup final) to which I responded that I had no idea Kristen had plans, not that it was a big deal just nice to be informed sometimes. I told her well it's fine I have tonnes of laundry to do so it's all good.

So when I got to work Kristen and I were emailing and I asked him about the game tonight. He's like oh yeah I would have told you tonight, and made a comment that he thought I would be going too. I said I can't with everything I have to do tonight.

Being the sweet guy that he is...he said don't worry I'll do all the laundry when I get home from work that way you can still go and watch the game. All I have to do when I get home is help with dinner (he usually cooks dinner but since tonight it's fish he prefers not to cook that) and go for my walk with Myrna. Then I have the rest of the night to enjoy the hockey game with Kristen, Steph, her hubby, and the rest of the gang. Should be fun, I'm really looking forward to it.

Friday, June 16, 2006

Dancing Hubby

For those of you who know Kristen, you know he loves to dance, but he won't usually unless he's had a few drinks to loosen him up since all the newfie guys we hang out with don't dance at all or ONLY if they're extremely intoxicated :) ...and since Myrna embarrased her hubby the other day on her blog it's my turn to do the same to mine :)

As you know tonight is the Jack & Jill, well Kristen just sent an email which said:

"well with the Dance tonight, I figured this might be a good thing to send around....
If you see any of my awesome new moves on the floor, you know where I got
totally kidding...

This is too awesome to not send around again, just to get everyone in the party mood"

Check out the link and see what he's talking about. Happy FRIDAY Everyone!

Thursday, June 15, 2006

Busy Bees

Life has been so hectic the last couple of weeks, not complaining I actually like being busy. Sometimes overwhelming but all in all, it's all good.

So we did get grass yesterday but only in the backyard (VERY EXCITING) and hopefully getting it in the front yard today. I will post pics I promise! Kristen has purchased our lawn mower, not because we can use it yet but because it was the one we wanted and it was on sale.

Tomorrow is Vicky & Corey's Jack & Jill I have already prepared jello shots and will be working on the 50/50 draw tonight (have to decorate a box) also have to finish a project for Steph's baby shower coming up July 16th. And tonight I'm hoping to get a bit of shopping done after my walk with Myrna. The terrible daughter hasn't even purchased her Fathers Day card yet, let alone mail it.....eek! We've also been invited to a birthday party on Saturday which as of now we will be going too. It's out of town so we either have to make sleeping arrangements or DD arrangements. Wink, wink Steph :)

Should be lots of pics to post by sunday...especially the Jack & Jill cause those Cullihalls sure can party!! Last years Jack and Jill, for Jason and Steph, was crazy....I did blog about it, see archives July 18th, 2005. And I did post pics but only sensible ones because the rest would be too embarassing for myself and others who Cheers Everyone!

Wednesday, June 14, 2006


Great news....while getting ready for work this morning Kristen called to tell me there was LOTS of sod at the end of the street. A little later I heard a tractor in our backyard preparing to lay the sod. Then when I was leaving for work, the same tractor was levelling out a neighbours front yard preparing it for sod.

It's just so exciting, this means I can finally plant flowers (my cutting garden), some veggies (probably just tomatoe and peppers...easy stuff) and put up a fence to enjoy our backyard! Will post pics when it's done :)

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Please Pray

I don't know how spiritual those of you who may read my blog are....however I am asking you to pray for the following:

1) An issue I can't share but please remember my family

2) Brandon Wight - a young boy (around 13 or 14) that I used to babysit when I lived in Nfld. Has been admitted to hospital in the ICU for a very serious condition of Bacterial Meningitis.

3) Terri - her husband is leaving for RCMP training in Sask. and also found out she is expecting (congrats) She is just in remission, the Dr says everything should be fine but keep her in your prayers that she'll have comfort while David is away and a healthy pregnancy/baby.

Friday, June 9, 2006

Birthday Greetings

Happy Birthday Jen

Tuesday, June 6, 2006

Baby Boy Cullihall

"Yawn....I'm tired, leave me alone already"
Hope you can pick out the picture of him, his hand is rubbing his right eye (our left) and you can see his mouth open mid yawn....isn't it just so adorable???

Monday, June 5, 2006


I know everybody has dreams every now and then of people from our childhoods, or friends that we don't keep in contact with like we should. Well this weekend I had a dream about a friend I grew up with. So of course she's been on my mind but I didn't really do anything about it. Then last night I dreamed about her again, I take this as a sign, twice in one weekend...not good. Today I will send her an email and possibly write her a letter or send a card, something to just tell her I'm thinking of her.

I really believe God sometimes places people on our mind because we're supposed to pray for them or just drop them a line to tell them we're thinking about them. Maybe everything in her life right now is perfectly fine, and maybe it's not, but either way I will be letting her know that I am thinking of her and just hope that it's what she needs right now.

It's a boy!

I was so convinced that Steph & Jason were having a boy. My reasoning being all the old "wives tales" Here's a few Steph had that made me think it....

1) If you gain weight on your body rather than just your belly. She hasn't gained much but enough that you can see.

2) Needle & Thread test, for further details on this see Myrna's blog. Either way we did the test on Steph and it ALWAYS said a girl.

3) Chinese Horoscope, Steph went online and based on when you think you conceived and your dute date it tells you the sex of the baby, that too said a girl.

I am not disappointed it's a boy, just surprised it's a boy. When she called me Friday afternoon to tell me I didn't believe her at first. Thought she was saying it just to get me going :) I am soooo excited though, wouldn't know but she actually had the baby. Congrats Jason & Steph!! Guess you'll have a little hockey player and hunting/fishing buddy Jason :)

Friday, June 2, 2006

UC Baby

Steph & Jason are going to a place in Mississauga today called UC Baby where they do 3D ultra sounds of your baby. Depending on the pkg that you purchase, you can even get a 30 minute DVD of the whole session (that's what Steph is getting)

It's just so neat...check out the website. Click Ontario, then Mississauga and then click "Have Some Fun"

On Monday I'll let you know if it's a boy or girl ....I personally think it's a GIRL

Thursday, June 1, 2006

You should see my hair today....

the best way to describe it is BIG! It started to rain about 5 pm yesterday and it was still raining off & on when I went to bed last night around 10:30 pm. This morning it's so humid and gloomy (meaning more rain) that I figured no point in trying to get the really straight hair cause it'll never last. So I decided okay I'll dry my hair upside down to give it some volume, curl out the ends, put a bit of pommade in it, to make it stay and VOILA!! My hair-do for the day. "was" a good idea, it's messy enough that the humidy can't make it any worse, or so I thought. Since I'm growing out my sidebangs I have this huge lock of hair that curls out right at the top left side of my head, too short to tuck behind my ear yet and too long to control. It's what Kristen calls my "rock-a-doodle" look.

As we were walking in the office I saw my reflection in one of the mirrors and said to Steph "gee my hair is crazy today" She giggled and agreed....isn't that horrible!?!? Bad enough I know my hair is a wreck but even worse when your friends admit that "yep you're definitely having a bad hair day" Love you Steph :)

Today I wish I had curly hair so I could just leave it wet and mousse or gel it to have the "wet look" all day to keep it tame. But noooo I have plain straight hair that on days like this is just fluffy and wild with no rhyme or reason. Oh well, no point in complaining...maybe someone will like it and give me wouldn't that be hilarious!?!?