Thursday, June 29, 2006


It's finally starting to feel like home. A couple of weeks ago they put down the sod in our backyard. No decks or fences yet, hopefully soon though.

And yesterday we finally got sod in our front yard.
This is the 2 mini soccer fields and playground that are being put in right across the street from our house. The mailboxes have been moved since this picture was taken. It's located at the end of the street now.
Part of the promotional from our builder was a front landscaping pkg. Not much to it but still adds a bit of character to the front of the house instead of just a lawn. The Hostas aren't doing so well, yet....but once they take and Kristen gives it some TLC I'm sure they'll start looking much better soon.
And last but not least this is our tree that's on the blvd.


dafrhug said...

It looks awesome! I would totally be excited about it too!!

Stephanie said...

Looks great-we`re trying to revive our nearly dead lawn.