Sunday, December 31, 2006

Christmas Pictures

Just a few Christmas pictures, these are most of the gifts that were under the tree Christmas eve...yes very spoiled.
My Bro on Christmas Eve
Kristen getting ready to open his "big" gift....literally
Kristen carving the turkey on Christmas day

Thursday, December 28, 2006

As Always....

Kristen shoots a deer during Christmas....his FIRST deer was shot on Christmas Eve, every year there after (that he has gotten one) it's been during our Christmas holidays. Last year it was a couple of weeks before Christmas and now THIS's today, the 28th, smack dab between Christmas and New Years. I would post a picture but some of you don't like to see deer I won't...but you get the idea.
Congrats on the kill Hunny Bunny!
(just had to call him by his nick-name, he'll really like

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas Everyone! I hope it was all that you had expected. My Christmas was great, Kristen and my family spoiled me (as always), spent some time with my mom's side of the family, my brother spent a few days at our place, and did a little bit of relaxing. Not much since yesterday and today I had to work :( Luckily I'm off tomorrow until the 2nd, so I get another long weekend...Yay! I do have pictures (not a lot) of Christmas but haven't downloaded them yet, when I do I'll be sure to post them. My big gift this year was actually my smallest gift, which was my MP3 player, really lovin' it! And it's PINK too!

It's hard being at work these last couple of days, we're basically on skeleton crew so it's eeerily quiet, a lot of customers aren't open due to Christmas shut down, the cheques are done, so all there is to do is fine ways to occupy your time and watch the clock tick-tock slowly by....can't wait for my hour lunchbreak to get out of here. Hopefully the afternoon will go a bit faster. Not even quite sure what I'll do on my lunchbreak, all I know is I'm not staying inside the building. Guess I'll go wherever my car leads me....

We don't really have New Year's plans yet...per se...we do have options, just not sure what we've decided to do yet. I do know that Saturday night we're going to purchase the UFC pay per view event, not sure the # or name of it all I know is Tito Ortiz and Chuck Lidell (I think) are fighting. Should be fun, I would never turn UFC on if I were home alone yet when Kristen turns it on I start watching and I can't stop. It really is addictive.

Not much else to say, to quote my Dad "well, I'm out of words" .....

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

This past Saturday was the annual girls cookie bake, unfortunately Jen wasn't there and I didn't realize the full impact of this until we were packing up the finished product and I couldn't understand how I managed to fit ALL my cookies in a couple of cookie cans. With Jen missing we were less two whole batches of cookies!! The horror!!
Here are some pictures below...Pebbles (one of Vicki's hilarious cats) was very busy most of the day licking up whatever cookie crumbs or small spills of cookie mix in the kitchen. She is also in our group photo...she's just so darn cute!

To be honest, I haven't tried ONE cookie yet. I put them in the freezer as soon as I got home and then forgot about them. Which is a good thing, otherwise I wouldn't have any cookies for guests over the holidays.
Only 5 Sleeps til Christmas everyone! Are you excited yet?? Despite no snow and the fact that it will be a green Christmas this year (and probably raining Christmas day) I'm very much in the Christmas mood and VERY excited in general about the festive season :)

Friday, December 15, 2006

Angel-less Christmas Tree

My decorated tree...without an angel...we need a new one since the lights burned out on the old one. She is yet to be purchased...

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Little things I love about Christmas

My Village & Reindeer :)

Dinner Party

I still don't have my pictures organized yet from the dinner party, so here's a couple that Myrna took. Then her battery died... :(Yummy, yummy food!

Monday, December 11, 2006

How the Grinch,...I mean Kristen...Stole Christmas

Yesterday Myrna, Jamie, Kristen and myself decide we're going to Adam's Tree Farm just outside of Shelburne to get our Christma tree (I heard about it through an inter office email)

You hop on the back of a tractor and take about a 5 min ride to where the trees are. You get there, take a saw and start walking through the trees to find the one that's "just so" for your home.

Kristen and I immediately go the opposite way of Myrna & Jamie, and every tree that I say what "about that one", Kristen goes...Christa be serious....I'm like "I am! You're not going to find a PERFECT tree Kristen" we stop at 2 trees that we're just about to cut and Kristen goes..."let's look a little more."

We start looking again and we find Myrna and Jamie, who has just finished cutting down their tree.

Right next to them is a tree that was one of their "potential" choices, and Kristen is like well what do you think of this one Christa? I said Kristen "I don't care, you're going to pick whatever, just pick a tree." So he goes "well GUARD This one and I'll look around..."

As I'm waiting, Myrna decides to take my picture I say to her, "I bet you he's gone on and cutting a tree!" And we turned around here comes Kristen with a tree! I said Kristen you seriously didn't cut down the tree without me, he said well you said just cut one, I said yes but I still wanted to be there and have a bit of an opinion. So YES Kristen ruined Christmas...!!! Well not really but I was disappointed. I think he felt bad too, though he would NEVER admit it in a million years! As soon as he showed up Myrna goes "ooohh'' in that oh you're in trouble tone...! :)

Overall it was a good day, and well worth it, we paid the same for the tree as if we went and bought it from a Zellers parking lot and we got the tractor ride and hot chocolate for free! I would recommend this to anyone who lives in the area for next year or this year if you haven't purchased your tree yet. So much fun!

Just a few more pics:

Kristen & Jamie pulling the trees to the waiting area for the tractor. And Myrna & Jamie on the tractor ride back, looks like Myrna is being attacked by her tree.

Our tree going through the tree chute to be wrapped for the journey home.

Wednesday, December 6, 2006

Real vs Fake

If you're part of the debate of a real or artificial Christmas tree (due to environmental reasons), here's a tidbit of info for those of you still on the fence:

A real tree can be an environmental choice this Christmas. For every tree harvested at a tree farm, another 10 are planted to ensure a crop every year; and one acre of Christmas trees on a farm will produce enough oxygen to support about 18 people and remove up to 13 tonnes of airborne pollutants per year. Although Christmas trees have been a problem for landfills in the past, many municipalities now chip them for mulching material. If your town doesn't recycle, use the branches and needles for mulch in your garden.

Monday, December 4, 2006

Happy Surprises

Friday night I decided to stay home (as mentioned in last post) to do my house cleaning and decorate for Christmas (will post pics later) find out Kristen's parents (mom and step dad) showed up by surprise from Nova Scotia. I told them I was expecting them to show up for Christmas, they said they were going too but Cyril (step dad in-law) has to have a surgery next week and wouldn't be well enough to drive at that time, so they came now :) What a great surprise!

Yet, I'm completely overwhelmed. Because I want to spend time with them, yet I'm so busy with the holiday season. Saturday's dinner party went quite well in my opinion, some pictures were taken, will post them tomorrow if I have a chance to download them tonight. My favourite part was the appetizer called Baked Crab Rangoon that I made:

It turned out just like the picture on the Kraft Canada Website! And tasted even better! Yay :)

Yesterday I finished the Nfld shopping but not without being in a lousy mood, I realized yesterday that the Christmas crowds really aggravate me. Luckily everything on my list was checked off AND I got really good deals too, so it all balances out in the end.

Tonight's focus will be gift wrapping....wrap, wrap, wrap (there's a LOT to be wrapped) maybe some laundry and I HAVE to call Jen, haven't talked to her in a week and a half. Starting to suffer withdrawl but it's just been so busy! I'm even cancelling my weekly walk with Myrna tonight so I can just stay home and get the wrapping done plus I want to spend time with my in-laws, they're leaving Wednesday...short visit :(

AND...on another Festive note: WE HAVE SNOW!!! (only a couple of inches) I was in such a rush this morning to get out the door thinking the drive was going to be horrible, that I forgot my purse (this is a catastrophe in the world of a woman since her whole LIFE is in her purse) to find out nobody else had snow and the drive was fine...phew. Also Kristen's parents are going to Brampton today so I'm going lunchtime to get my purse from them...another huge PHEW! This also means I can run a couple of errands on my's a good thing I get an hour for lunch :)

Happy Monday Everyone!

Friday, December 1, 2006

Three's a Charm

I think this is the 3rd time I've signed in since my last post wanting to say something but having no idea what to talk about...

And today is the was a crazy week at work due to month end deadlines and very cranky customers. I won't go any further cause it's just not worth it.

Today is cold, rainy and windy...pretty miserable. But honestly I would rather have snow...yes I said it...I want snow! I hate driving in it but I love snow this time of year. Definitely makes things more festive.

Tonight I'm skipping Kristen's hockey, my plan tonight is to go to the grocery store, then do some cleaning and take out ALL MY CHRISTMAS STUFF! Yay! Because tomorrow Kristen and I are hosting a Christmas dinner party, think there'll be around 10 of us so hoping it goes over well. Nothing fancy, just an excuse to get together and chow down!

And Sunday I'm going SHOPPING! I'm going to Old Navy to get me some deals! this will hopefully finish the family, then all that's left is Kristen....and he's easy to shop for cause there's so many things I could get him, the hard part is figuring out what to get out of all the options. The Budget helps :) that you know exactly what I'm doing this weekend, I shall sign blog is so entertaining....NOT! Oh speaking of "not" has anyone seen Borat? Very politically incorrect but funny...I think I may have mentioned it before but if not...I just did :)