Monday, December 4, 2006

Happy Surprises

Friday night I decided to stay home (as mentioned in last post) to do my house cleaning and decorate for Christmas (will post pics later) find out Kristen's parents (mom and step dad) showed up by surprise from Nova Scotia. I told them I was expecting them to show up for Christmas, they said they were going too but Cyril (step dad in-law) has to have a surgery next week and wouldn't be well enough to drive at that time, so they came now :) What a great surprise!

Yet, I'm completely overwhelmed. Because I want to spend time with them, yet I'm so busy with the holiday season. Saturday's dinner party went quite well in my opinion, some pictures were taken, will post them tomorrow if I have a chance to download them tonight. My favourite part was the appetizer called Baked Crab Rangoon that I made:

It turned out just like the picture on the Kraft Canada Website! And tasted even better! Yay :)

Yesterday I finished the Nfld shopping but not without being in a lousy mood, I realized yesterday that the Christmas crowds really aggravate me. Luckily everything on my list was checked off AND I got really good deals too, so it all balances out in the end.

Tonight's focus will be gift wrapping....wrap, wrap, wrap (there's a LOT to be wrapped) maybe some laundry and I HAVE to call Jen, haven't talked to her in a week and a half. Starting to suffer withdrawl but it's just been so busy! I'm even cancelling my weekly walk with Myrna tonight so I can just stay home and get the wrapping done plus I want to spend time with my in-laws, they're leaving Wednesday...short visit :(

AND...on another Festive note: WE HAVE SNOW!!! (only a couple of inches) I was in such a rush this morning to get out the door thinking the drive was going to be horrible, that I forgot my purse (this is a catastrophe in the world of a woman since her whole LIFE is in her purse) to find out nobody else had snow and the drive was fine...phew. Also Kristen's parents are going to Brampton today so I'm going lunchtime to get my purse from them...another huge PHEW! This also means I can run a couple of errands on my's a good thing I get an hour for lunch :)

Happy Monday Everyone!

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myrna_weblog said...

Those crab thingies were SO yummy...and Jamie went on and on and on about Kristen's fried chicken. LOVE getting together at Christmas...thanks! :)