Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Hodge Podge

I sometimes feel like there is no point in doing a post unless I have pictures to show to go along with it. And yet, I feel I should write something for those of you who do read my blog...just to keep you coming back...he, he. So here's an update....

Book I'm reading:

Ellen ______ can't remember the name of it, it's an Oprah's book club book that Myrna bought for $0.25 last weekend at a garage sale. I can tell you the first sentence of the book is "I used to think of ways to kill my daddy" I'm only a couple chapters in and so far it's pretty good. It's a short book so it shouldn't take me too long to read it. I'll let you know how it is when I'm finished.

Plans this weekend:

Camping at Earl Rowe Provincial Park in Alliston. Kristen & I have been a few times over the years, but Jen & Chris have never been so the 4 of us are going this weekend. Myrna & Jamie can't go because of a wedding :( Steph and her hubby Jason are going camping this weekend too, just not with us. Seems to be the theme for everyone though.

Last night:

Kristen was supposed to have ball hockey but it was cancelled due to the high humidity. The arena has no air conditioning so the floors get really slippery. Instead my friend Vicky came by for a coffee and when she left I did a scrapbook layout. It was nice of Vicky to come by since we don't get much time to chat since volleyball finished up for the season. Good to have just good ol "girltalk".


Walk with Myrna...well let me tell you what Myrna & Jen talked me in too....dummy me!! There's this program that you can sign up for, for free of course on you keep a food diary, cardio diary and strength training diary (well that's the jest of it) I'm doing great with the eating part and walking part but the strength training...well...let's say I'm not exactly succeeding. You're supposed to do 20 min of circuit training 3 times a week, and today is Wed and so far I've done none! I really need to get my butt in gear & get motivated. Any tips to get me going are appreciated :)

Anyway, that's my post for today....til next time :)

Thursday, May 25, 2006


I did my first "funnel" while camping this weekend, quite an experience.

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

More Camping Pictures

Jamie deep frying the turkeys
Brian going for the softball in a game of 500's
Myrna taking a pic of me freezing in the snow
My hoodie covered in snow

May 24 Camping Weekend

As with the tradition for the past 6 years we headed to Flesherton for the May long weekend. Cold, wet and sunny. Experienced all 4 seasons in a matter of a couple of days. Still had LOTS of fun!!

Girls playing volleyball
Chris insists on having a big fire
Snow when we got up Sunday morning...brrr!!
Steph, myself and Kristen around the fire
Kristen eating mussels...mmm....
The crazy girls :)
Back: Vicky & Sone
Front: Steph, myself, Jen & Myrna
Jamie deep fried turkeys for everyone...delicious!!
Myrna getting marshmallow sticks

More Pictures to come :)

Monday, May 15, 2006

Georgina & Lorne

It was a busy weekend, especially on Saturday when my Aunt Georgina got married to Lorne Barnes. It was a very small ceremony and somewhat informal but very pleasant & heartfelt. I offered to be her "photographer" as my wedding gift. No I have never taken any courses and no I'm not that good but I thought it was a nice gesture. Here are a few I took on the digital, not half as nice as the ones I took on the manual film camera. But anyway here they are.....

The Bride walking down the isle.

The nervous groom awaiting his blushing bride :)

I now pronounce you husband and wife, you may kiss your bride.

The Wedding Party L-R: Alicia (daughter of the bride) Aunt Georgina (the bride) Lorne (the groom) and Brian (cousin of the groom and Kristens uncle)

Presenting Mr. & Mrs. Lorne Barnes

Monday, May 8, 2006

Weekend In Review

The weekend was a good one. Our boarder arrived Friday evening....she's going to stay with us for a few weeks until she can find her own place for the summer. She works seasonal, only a few minutes from our house and the guy she used to board with sold his house and is moving away. We didn't really want to take in a boarder since it's the first summer in our house and we really wanted to be alone when we moved. We told her at first that no she couldn't stay with us but then we said well you can stay for a month or so, or however long you need to get a place.

So far she's been great, she starts work tonight so she should soon be over her boredom. Kristen and I have even talked about letting her stay the summer. She works a lot of hours so we would barely see her and she would be gone home by Sept. We haven't decided for sure yet but I really don't think it's going to be that easy for her to get a lease for 3 months, no matter how nice the landlord might be. Either way we'll see how it all pans out.

Saturday Kristen and I went to a couple of yard sales, I bought 9 picture frames for $3 they're all different colours and very cute. Then off to Stephs house where we painted the nursery. It only took us two hours to do two coats. It's so exciting...cause now that the hard part is completed, Steph will just finish the room here and there and before you know it the nursery will be completed. The green was inspired by
this line of baby bedding that she totally fell in love with, it's called Clover Fields.

Us standing next to the finish product (L-R: Myrna, myself, Jen & the pregnant Steph)

After that I went home for a quick nap and a hot shower. Then off to Myrna's & Jamie's house for rotisserie chicken. Jamie definitely has a knack for the bbq because it was DELICIOUS!! Then the girls and I watched a movie, can't think of the name but it's something about a vacation with Queen Latifa, I thought it was cute and a few funny parts.

Yesterday Kristen and I went to the Superstore to get a couple of necessities for the week (this week is grocery week) and ended up buying these really nice frames to go above our couch in the living room. Will post pics once we get them mounted. I really like them, we were going to get a painting but I'm very pleased that we found such nice pictures on sale. Last night Myrna and Jamie came by so us girls watched Greys Anatomy, I cried so much when the pregnant momma died...embarrassing but it was just so sad. I love that show!!

Kristen smoked ribs on the bbq for dinner (which take approx 2-3 hours) and they turned out to be soooo good. I'm very excited about having leftovers for lunch :) After dinner and after Myrna & Jamie left we finished up some odds and ends in the garage, pumped up the tire on the car and finally went to bed for a good nights rest. Not an eventful weekend but a busy weekend...oh and making fun of Kristen yesterday with his hangover was fun too, the boys were in the garage drinking while the girls were in the house watching the movie. Bet he wished he watched the movie with us yesterday He kept trying to tell me that it must have been something he ate, I said yeah, it's called Sleeman clear. Those boys!

Thursday, May 4, 2006

Terri Hann

I went to school with a girl named Terri Martin, she is two years younger than me. I can't say we weren't close friends but we were friends. We played volleyball and basketball together so we went on numerous road trips together and had great times!

About 2 years ago I guess, she contacted me through msn messenger and we started chatting. Catching up on where we were in our lives since I've moved away from home and I hadn't seen her since then (1998) She is now married to husband David Hann, thus she is now Terri Hann (just explaining the title of my post)

Well a while ago she was diagnosed with Hodgkins disease and I'm happy to say she is now in remission. To honour her great fight here's the link to her website that she has been creating to tell her story, please take a look and sign her guest book. I have also scrap-booked a few photos and emails that she had sent to friends/family during her fight. When I complete them I will post pictures of them to my blog.

Terri's Site:

Chocolate Sings

I rec'd an email from a former co-worker today called "Chocolate Sings" included was this poem. Thought I'd share....

I haven't smelled all the flowers yet. There are too many books I haven't read. There's more fudge sundaes to wolf down and kites to be flown overhead.
There are many malls I haven't shopped. I've not laughed at all the jokes.
I've missed a lot of Broadway hits and potato chips and cokes.
I want to wade again in water and feel ocean spray on my face.
I want to sit in a country church once more and thank God for His grace.
I want peanut butter every day spread on my morning toast.
I want UN-timed long distance calls to the folks I love the most.
I haven't cried at all the movies yet, or walked in the morning rain.
I need to feel wind in my hair. I want to fall in love again.
So, if I choose to have dessert, instead of having dinner,
then should I die before night fall, I'd say I died a winner,
because I missed out on nothing. I filled my heart's desire.
I had that final chocolate mousse before my life expired."

Be mindful that happiness isn't based on possessions, power, or prestige, but on relationships with people we love and respect. Remember that while money talks, CHOCOLATE SINGS!

Tuesday, May 2, 2006

A Prayer for Owen Meany

Well Stephanie had mentioned the book "A Prayer for Owen Meany" on her blog quite a while ago and I decided to read it. I checked it out of the Acton library in March sometime. You get a 3 week borrowing time and you can renew up to 3 times "I think" well I struggled and struggled, I renewed the book once have a $0.20 late fee sitting on the books at the Acton library and now I have a block because I forgot to renew it the 2nd time. I have about 30-50 pages left I guess but this morning I said screw it. I gave the book to Kristen to return this afternoon on his way home from work. Don't get me wrong my overall impression of the book is that I liked it but it was soooo slow for me. I really really struggled to stay interested but being stubborn I really didn't want to quit. I know Stephanie said this was her friends favourite book and in a way I can see how but in another way I don't know how she ever got through it. Did she take it in an english class? Anyway I'm supposed to have "A Million Little Pieces" on hold at the Acton library (if they let me have it after this fiasco) so I'll let you know what I think of that one later.

Cuban Cigars

I've made at least 5 attemps to post pictures of Kristen with his Cuban cigar but nooooo for some reason the pictures won't upload. Sooooo...please see Myrna's blog and her post titled "cigars" to see us trying out the cigars in Cuba.

Monday, May 1, 2006

A few more Cuba pics

Captain using his feet to drive Catamaran

The view on our catamaran ride

Jen and I enjoying the sun and water

The Catamaran trip started at 8am where we were bussed from the resort to the marina. We boarded the catamaran and started off immediately to our first destination which was the dolphin swim. Part of the trip included an 8 min swim with dolphins. I have pictures and will post those later. It didn't last long but was totally worth it. They would come swimming at you so fast and then lightly kiss you on the cheek with their noses. But when they turned to swim away their tails would hit you in the side, etc. You forget how big an animal they really are. I just kept laughing and giggling at everything, like a kid at Christmas who doesn't know how to react because they're so excited.

Then off to the snorkelling, it was fun but Jen had to be rescued. She just got tired in such strong currents and some of the boat staff swam in to help. Not a big deal since they had to rescue 3 more people for the same reasons. Kristen couldn't even stay in the water he found the current too strong and I consider him the strongest swimmer out of all of us. I think Jen has pics of her and her rescuer on her blog.

We then went to the Casa Blanca island for a lobster lunch, listened to some entertainment and did some swimming and relaxing on the beach. Then back to the Catamaran where I suffered my first wasp sting. Kristen was waving his shirt trying to get the wasp to leave me alone instead he got pissed off and stung my shoulder. I was surprised at how much it hurt luckily the pain only lasted about 10 min and then I was fine.

On the way back the captain turned off the engines, put up the sails and let the wind do its job. We were just getting good speed when you see all these dophins start swimming up next to our boat. I have video of it but not really any good pics. Jen kept saying it was like they were doing a show for us.

Overall the trip was amazing! The money was well spent and I'm so glad I got to experience the swim with the dolphins. The only negative were the 50 really drunk people from France who kept acting really obnoxious and singing really loud. You could tell the Captain and the staff felt bad for those not associated with that crowd and they really went out of their way to accomodate us and apologize to us for the behaviour that they really had no control over. The Cuban people are just so nice and thoughtful, that they still made the trip amazing despite the negative.