Monday, May 1, 2006

A few more Cuba pics

Captain using his feet to drive Catamaran

The view on our catamaran ride

Jen and I enjoying the sun and water

The Catamaran trip started at 8am where we were bussed from the resort to the marina. We boarded the catamaran and started off immediately to our first destination which was the dolphin swim. Part of the trip included an 8 min swim with dolphins. I have pictures and will post those later. It didn't last long but was totally worth it. They would come swimming at you so fast and then lightly kiss you on the cheek with their noses. But when they turned to swim away their tails would hit you in the side, etc. You forget how big an animal they really are. I just kept laughing and giggling at everything, like a kid at Christmas who doesn't know how to react because they're so excited.

Then off to the snorkelling, it was fun but Jen had to be rescued. She just got tired in such strong currents and some of the boat staff swam in to help. Not a big deal since they had to rescue 3 more people for the same reasons. Kristen couldn't even stay in the water he found the current too strong and I consider him the strongest swimmer out of all of us. I think Jen has pics of her and her rescuer on her blog.

We then went to the Casa Blanca island for a lobster lunch, listened to some entertainment and did some swimming and relaxing on the beach. Then back to the Catamaran where I suffered my first wasp sting. Kristen was waving his shirt trying to get the wasp to leave me alone instead he got pissed off and stung my shoulder. I was surprised at how much it hurt luckily the pain only lasted about 10 min and then I was fine.

On the way back the captain turned off the engines, put up the sails and let the wind do its job. We were just getting good speed when you see all these dophins start swimming up next to our boat. I have video of it but not really any good pics. Jen kept saying it was like they were doing a show for us.

Overall the trip was amazing! The money was well spent and I'm so glad I got to experience the swim with the dolphins. The only negative were the 50 really drunk people from France who kept acting really obnoxious and singing really loud. You could tell the Captain and the staff felt bad for those not associated with that crowd and they really went out of their way to accomodate us and apologize to us for the behaviour that they really had no control over. The Cuban people are just so nice and thoughtful, that they still made the trip amazing despite the negative.

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myrna_weblog said...

The dolphin swim - it's been a long time since I did that but I will never ever forget it as long as I live. It was amazing!