Saturday, December 31, 2005

Year in Review...

Well I must say it's been a good year, I didn't declare bankruptcy, I'm very healthy, I have so many friends, and a boyfriend who loves me dearly. Don't think I can complain. January started out with the usual I'm going to be healthier this year so we bought an elliptical (I've vowed I'm going to start using it again this on to the regular winter routine of hockey and work. Then Kristen and I celebrated our 25th birthdays so we decided to go out to a bar (along with Jamie and Chris for thier March birthdays, Chris turned 30) to realize why I don't go out to bars. Then the spring was full of last minute planning for all the friends weddings, bridal showers, and Jack and Jills. Then the summer were all the showers, jack and jills and weddings, a few camping trips and a trip to Nfld which was awesome! Then we came back and started packing, October we moved to the new house and here we are. I've had my shares of ups and downs over the year, but overallit was happy and I know I have some great memories that I'll cherish a lifetime.

As for what 2006 holds, who knows!?!? I have a couple of goals one is to get a trip down south with Kristen (apply for passports on Jan to do list) I also mentioned in a previous post that I made a resolution to have a good winter and not get the blues, and to just be a better person. Not that I think I'm oh so evil or anything but I always feel there's room for improvement, that moment where I snap, or when I'm just contrary for no "real" reason, or when I share in the gossip when I just should stay quiet.

Anyway I'm off, a lot to do before my guests arrive this evening for our little new years eve bash. Hope you all can reflect on 2005 with fondness and have even higher expectations for yourself for 2006.

Thursday, December 29, 2005

Christmas Eve Tradition

Every year that we're in Ontario Kristen and I try to have lobsters on Christmas Eve. This year my brother joined us since he couldn't go home and mom & dad couldn't be here. We had such a feast, it was sooooo good.

Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Almost a sensible picture

I NEVER take a sensible picture, I'm always goofing off or don't feel comfortable just sitting and smiling nice when I know other people are watching me (for exampe at the tips eve party with Steph, Marianne, etc staring at me while Jen takes a Anyway...thought I'd post this one since it's "kind of" sensible and not the usual crazy smile or dumbest expression ever.

Tuesday, December 20, 2005

A Deer Every Christmas...

Never fails....either with time booked off or it's over the scheduled shut down, Kristen goes hunting and shoots a deer at Christmas.

The very first deer he shot was 4 years ago, around 8:30 in the morning of Christmas Eve. We were in such a panic to get it to the Butchers before he closed for the holidays. Then the last two years he shot one but both times got away (realized it was the broadhead he was using, its the tip of the arrow for those of you who don't know hunting lingo) And then last night here we go again, he went hunting with an old neighbour of ours and around 6:15 he shows up saying Christa I got a buck!! I get so excited cause he's so excited. He said he had a chance to shoot at a second buck but the neighbour showed up two minutes too soon and scared it away. Maybe next time honey, but I sure am proud of you. Only 11% of bow hunters are successful, guess this means my honey bunny does have talent. Just kidding honey, not only is it something you're good at, I'm fully aware that it's your passion too. Congrats on the kill!

Tips Eve Party 2005

I honestly don't remember what Kristen was laughing at when I took this pic.

Corey falling asleep towards the end of the night. He got up after this pic and ate ribs :)

Jen just chillin on the couch and Steph in her cute Santa hat.

Monday, December 19, 2005

Home Sweet Home

It was a great weekend! Friday night I finished most of my shopping, then headed to Kristen's hockey game. Saturday I spent the day decorating the tree, cleaning and then went to Vicky's and Corey's House warming/Tips Eve party. Had a great time, met some new people and hung out with the usual friends. Sunday I did some scrapbooking (the retirement gift previously mentioned) and then headed to Myrna's house to watch her wedding video. Which I cried through cause its just so awesome but sad that I missed it. When I got home I just re-heated some leftovers for Kristen and myself for dinner then he headed off to hockey. I decided not to go since it was a later game.

For my evening home I decided to watch a movie, The Family Man was playing on tv so I figured that was a good choice. I turned off all the lights and just curled up on the couch to the lights of the Christmas tree. I was about half way through the movie and during a commercial break was just staring at the tree and realized that I finally felt at home. I finally felt that I was settled that this house was my own and not just some new place I moved in too. It was such a weird feeling that I can't even really explain it, but I felt so comfortable and at home. Makes me look forward to Christmas morning even more than ever now.

Friday, December 16, 2005

Crazy Lady

I have so much rage today! I get so angry that I just want to cry. Why am I such a psycho girl? Why can't I just be pleasant and happy and not a crazy bitch?

I know I don't want to be like this, however I totally go with the emotion instead of choosing to take the higher path and not react or snap. Dr. Phil would have a field day with me. I'd be the patient saying "but I just can't help it" and he would sternly say, "you CHOOSE how you want to react or behave. And I would respond "I know, but I don't know why I react so negatively" Why can't I just let things go and go with the flow?

Anyway....that's enough I don't want to type anymore.

Wednesday, December 14, 2005

In the Christmas Spirit

You'll be pleased to know I'm FINALLY in the Christmas spirit. I skipped pilates Monday night to wrap more presents, finish my Christmas cards and to just be home for a few hours instead of running around. Kristen and I went to Buffalo, NY on Sunday with his Uncle Brian so with that and some shopping on Monday after work I managed to finish most of my shopping. The only shopping I have left is for my mom (gifts for myself, another gift for Kristen, and a gift for her sister Grace) and then shopping for myself (Kristens remaining gifts and stocking stuffers). All of which I'm hoping to finish this weekend or very EARLY next week. I've also told Kristen that Saturday I'm not going anywhere I'm staying in to finish my scrapbooking project. Saturday night we have a Tips Eve/House warming party at a friends house and Sunday nothing particular planned (maybe that'll be my shopping day)

Kristen is going to try to get our tree tonight after work (I'm going to Jen's house before volleyball) we haven't had much luck yet. Hopefully he'll find the perfect tree. I really wanted to be there to help pick out the first tree for our new house but it's just not working out. I trust his judgement, if anything he'll be more picky than me. Then he can start with setting it up and in the next day or two put on the lights. All I have to do is decorate it after that :) Yes feel very good about everything getting accomplished. And I'm excited about doing/enjoying everything. I don't have that overwhelmed feeling anymore.

So yes, Christmas is here, Christa isn't the grinch anymore, and only 11 sleeps til Santa comes!!

Monday, December 12, 2005


I just rec'd an email from and it was encouraging scrappers to enter the winter contest. I saw a layout that was of a child sliding....and I felt an instant feeling of comfort and peace. It was at that moment that I realized I love winter!!! I love all seasons and all for VERY different reasons. I love spring cause the days are longer, better spirits, warmer weather. Then on to summer when I'm the only one not complaining when we get a heat wave, camping, vacationing, and the beaches. I love fall cause its a feeling of beginnings (I guess cause school always started in Sept and it was a new "year") the crisp air, colourful leaves and the bluest sky. Then on to winter, just that cozy feeling, the blanket of snow protecting us, always covered up in blankets to stay warm, bundling up so many layers of clothing, hot soup, hot cooked dinners, short days so dark romantic evenings. I'm a mild sufferer of SAD (seasonal affective disorder) mom just tells me they're January Blues. Whatever you call it I get down that month after Christmas. And yet there was one year that I didn't, that winter was two years ago...and now that I think back one of my best winters in memory. That winter I spent pretty much the entire time doing pilates, playing volleyball, and scrapbooking with the girls. I guess it was the socializing and staying active that really kept my spirits up. Last year january was pretty rough again (I wasn't doing pilates or scrapbooking much). So even though it's kind of early I think my new years resolution is to have a great winter. To be pro-active in the things I am passionate about, scrapbooking, being with Kristen and the girls, and just being active in general, such as taking that winter stroll when its so quiet your ears ring and the snowflakes are as big as cotton balls. Even though I'm soooo overwhelmed with Christmas right now I'm looking forward to that peaceful quiet time to come in January.

Tuesday, December 6, 2005

Response to Customer Complaints

This is in response to a few complaints about not having an updated know who you are ;) Well since my last post I am feeling much better physically. Today however I think I'm a bit more of a wreck. The stress of the holidays have finally caught up with me. I just keep thinking about what I have to do and everytime I try to cross something off my to do list, something prevents me from doing so. I've also noticed that lately I've been irritated by such trivial things but has gotten to the point where I'm really bothered by it. So I don't know, just plugging along right now.

Let me tell you about a few of the things planned just this week to give an example of how hectic everything is from now until Christmas, tonight work on a scrapbook that myself, Jen and Myrna are working on for a co-worker who is retiring, also to watch the Charlie Brown Christmas special on tv (I love watching all those shows, puts me in the Christmas spirit), tomorrow I have volleyball so those nights are a complete flop, thursday is our ladies office dinner and cleaning night and I also have to get my grocery list figured out since Friday night is grocery night, then Kristen's hockey, plus his mom and Cyril (and probably brother and girlfriend) are all visiting this weekend. Then Saturday is the Girls annual cookie bake, this year at Vicki's new house in Milton (can't wait). On to Saturday night where Kristen wants to host a poker night (meaning I'm entertaining) then Sunday where its the annual shopping excursion (Myrna with the boys, Jen and I with Jamie) and somewhere in all this Kristen wants to get our Christmas tree.

Then on Monday the cycle starts all over again. Don't get me wrong though, I LOVE Christmas and everything about it (the shopping, the busy-ness, the snow, the lights, decorating, wrapping presents). I just feel I haven't had a chance to get my thoughts together to really enjoy anything, probably another reason why I haven't even been blogging. I'm really hoping that when I scrapbook tonight I can just relax and get into the mind-set that I would rather be in this time of year. Wish me luck everyone!