Tuesday, December 6, 2005

Response to Customer Complaints

This is in response to a few complaints about not having an updated blog....you know who you are ;) Well since my last post I am feeling much better physically. Today however I think I'm a bit more of a wreck. The stress of the holidays have finally caught up with me. I just keep thinking about what I have to do and everytime I try to cross something off my to do list, something prevents me from doing so. I've also noticed that lately I've been irritated by such trivial things but has gotten to the point where I'm really bothered by it. So I don't know, just plugging along right now.

Let me tell you about a few of the things planned just this week to give an example of how hectic everything is from now until Christmas, tonight work on a scrapbook that myself, Jen and Myrna are working on for a co-worker who is retiring, also to watch the Charlie Brown Christmas special on tv (I love watching all those shows, puts me in the Christmas spirit) http://abc.go.com/specials/cbrown_christmas.html, tomorrow I have volleyball so those nights are a complete flop, thursday is our ladies office dinner and cleaning night and I also have to get my grocery list figured out since Friday night is grocery night, then Kristen's hockey, plus his mom and Cyril (and probably brother and girlfriend) are all visiting this weekend. Then Saturday is the Girls annual cookie bake, this year at Vicki's new house in Milton (can't wait). On to Saturday night where Kristen wants to host a poker night (meaning I'm entertaining) then Sunday where its the annual shopping excursion (Myrna with the boys, Jen and I with Jamie) and somewhere in all this Kristen wants to get our Christmas tree.

Then on Monday the cycle starts all over again. Don't get me wrong though, I LOVE Christmas and everything about it (the shopping, the busy-ness, the snow, the lights, decorating, wrapping presents). I just feel I haven't had a chance to get my thoughts together to really enjoy anything, probably another reason why I haven't even been blogging. I'm really hoping that when I scrapbook tonight I can just relax and get into the mind-set that I would rather be in this time of year. Wish me luck everyone!


myrna_weblog said...

Well it is about frickin' time you did a post! lol...glad you're feeling better. And I know what you mean about all the craziness of the holidays this year. I feel so behind. Can't wait to eat up those Christmas cookies on Saturday...oh wait, I'm supposed to actually save those for Christmas right? Bah Humbug!

dafrhug said...

Things are just as crazy here too. I have a huge to-do list I wanted done before mom and dad arrived and I'm not even half done yet. Today I'm actually trading up eating dinner to go grocery shopping before work. lol. Who needs to eat?

Glad to see you finally did a post though. Just remember to enjoy those around you and what your doing and it'll all be worth it.

Messa1981 said...

I for sure understand where your coming from!!LOL!!! I went to the City Ctr on Sunday for 5 hours shopping and now I just don't feel like shopping anymore!! People are rude, and pushy this time of year! Not to mention the political correctness now of Christmas. Can you believe that you can't say ho ho ho anymore or Merry Christmas, and now the snowman is no longer a snowman its a snowperson. It just makes the holidays sour!!LOL!!! But what can we do but try to have fun through all of this!!LOL!! But really who cares what other people think, I was in the City Ctr saying Merry Christmas to everyone I saw and my friends and I were walking around yelling HO HO HO!!!LOL!!! People were looking at us like we were from Mars or something but we had fun!!!LOL!!!

Ickie said...

I love the annual shopping excursion, that will be so much fun for you guys. Oh and thanks for reminding me about the Charlie Brown special.