Monday, December 12, 2005


I just rec'd an email from and it was encouraging scrappers to enter the winter contest. I saw a layout that was of a child sliding....and I felt an instant feeling of comfort and peace. It was at that moment that I realized I love winter!!! I love all seasons and all for VERY different reasons. I love spring cause the days are longer, better spirits, warmer weather. Then on to summer when I'm the only one not complaining when we get a heat wave, camping, vacationing, and the beaches. I love fall cause its a feeling of beginnings (I guess cause school always started in Sept and it was a new "year") the crisp air, colourful leaves and the bluest sky. Then on to winter, just that cozy feeling, the blanket of snow protecting us, always covered up in blankets to stay warm, bundling up so many layers of clothing, hot soup, hot cooked dinners, short days so dark romantic evenings. I'm a mild sufferer of SAD (seasonal affective disorder) mom just tells me they're January Blues. Whatever you call it I get down that month after Christmas. And yet there was one year that I didn't, that winter was two years ago...and now that I think back one of my best winters in memory. That winter I spent pretty much the entire time doing pilates, playing volleyball, and scrapbooking with the girls. I guess it was the socializing and staying active that really kept my spirits up. Last year january was pretty rough again (I wasn't doing pilates or scrapbooking much). So even though it's kind of early I think my new years resolution is to have a great winter. To be pro-active in the things I am passionate about, scrapbooking, being with Kristen and the girls, and just being active in general, such as taking that winter stroll when its so quiet your ears ring and the snowflakes are as big as cotton balls. Even though I'm soooo overwhelmed with Christmas right now I'm looking forward to that peaceful quiet time to come in January.

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