Wednesday, December 14, 2005

In the Christmas Spirit

You'll be pleased to know I'm FINALLY in the Christmas spirit. I skipped pilates Monday night to wrap more presents, finish my Christmas cards and to just be home for a few hours instead of running around. Kristen and I went to Buffalo, NY on Sunday with his Uncle Brian so with that and some shopping on Monday after work I managed to finish most of my shopping. The only shopping I have left is for my mom (gifts for myself, another gift for Kristen, and a gift for her sister Grace) and then shopping for myself (Kristens remaining gifts and stocking stuffers). All of which I'm hoping to finish this weekend or very EARLY next week. I've also told Kristen that Saturday I'm not going anywhere I'm staying in to finish my scrapbooking project. Saturday night we have a Tips Eve/House warming party at a friends house and Sunday nothing particular planned (maybe that'll be my shopping day)

Kristen is going to try to get our tree tonight after work (I'm going to Jen's house before volleyball) we haven't had much luck yet. Hopefully he'll find the perfect tree. I really wanted to be there to help pick out the first tree for our new house but it's just not working out. I trust his judgement, if anything he'll be more picky than me. Then he can start with setting it up and in the next day or two put on the lights. All I have to do is decorate it after that :) Yes feel very good about everything getting accomplished. And I'm excited about doing/enjoying everything. I don't have that overwhelmed feeling anymore.

So yes, Christmas is here, Christa isn't the grinch anymore, and only 11 sleeps til Santa comes!!

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myrna_weblog said...

Glad to hear you're over your "Bah humbug"
Did you like your tree?...I thought he did a good job picking it out. It was so cold that it only took us about 5 minutes to pick ours, I think it was the 3rd one we laid our hands on. I held it up "This one?" I ask Jamie. "Trunk's straight" he says..."Ok, that's good enough for me"...we have yet to really inspect :)