Saturday, December 31, 2005

Year in Review...

Well I must say it's been a good year, I didn't declare bankruptcy, I'm very healthy, I have so many friends, and a boyfriend who loves me dearly. Don't think I can complain. January started out with the usual I'm going to be healthier this year so we bought an elliptical (I've vowed I'm going to start using it again this on to the regular winter routine of hockey and work. Then Kristen and I celebrated our 25th birthdays so we decided to go out to a bar (along with Jamie and Chris for thier March birthdays, Chris turned 30) to realize why I don't go out to bars. Then the spring was full of last minute planning for all the friends weddings, bridal showers, and Jack and Jills. Then the summer were all the showers, jack and jills and weddings, a few camping trips and a trip to Nfld which was awesome! Then we came back and started packing, October we moved to the new house and here we are. I've had my shares of ups and downs over the year, but overallit was happy and I know I have some great memories that I'll cherish a lifetime.

As for what 2006 holds, who knows!?!? I have a couple of goals one is to get a trip down south with Kristen (apply for passports on Jan to do list) I also mentioned in a previous post that I made a resolution to have a good winter and not get the blues, and to just be a better person. Not that I think I'm oh so evil or anything but I always feel there's room for improvement, that moment where I snap, or when I'm just contrary for no "real" reason, or when I share in the gossip when I just should stay quiet.

Anyway I'm off, a lot to do before my guests arrive this evening for our little new years eve bash. Hope you all can reflect on 2005 with fondness and have even higher expectations for yourself for 2006.

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