Monday, April 24, 2006

Some of the Staff

Daily designs from our maid

Osmaira our maid who left all the cute designs on our bed :)

Maintenance man replacing door on our safe since Kristen lost our key in the ocean. Had to pay 30 convertible pesos (exch. roughly to $35-$40 Cdn) for a new key (and a new door to the safe)

Almost every meal there was musical entertainment

This is Manuel "the" bartender from the Lobby Bar. He was AWESOME! He was the one who helped us find the cheapest price for cigars while in Cuba.

By day the "Star Friends" would be on the beach and around the pool trying to get you to participate in various games. At night they would be the entertainment. Most of the shows were great. This night they did the musical Chicago. Jen and I loved it, the guys not so much and left early.

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