Thursday, May 4, 2006

Terri Hann

I went to school with a girl named Terri Martin, she is two years younger than me. I can't say we weren't close friends but we were friends. We played volleyball and basketball together so we went on numerous road trips together and had great times!

About 2 years ago I guess, she contacted me through msn messenger and we started chatting. Catching up on where we were in our lives since I've moved away from home and I hadn't seen her since then (1998) She is now married to husband David Hann, thus she is now Terri Hann (just explaining the title of my post)

Well a while ago she was diagnosed with Hodgkins disease and I'm happy to say she is now in remission. To honour her great fight here's the link to her website that she has been creating to tell her story, please take a look and sign her guest book. I have also scrap-booked a few photos and emails that she had sent to friends/family during her fight. When I complete them I will post pictures of them to my blog.

Terri's Site:

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