Monday, May 8, 2006

Weekend In Review

The weekend was a good one. Our boarder arrived Friday evening....she's going to stay with us for a few weeks until she can find her own place for the summer. She works seasonal, only a few minutes from our house and the guy she used to board with sold his house and is moving away. We didn't really want to take in a boarder since it's the first summer in our house and we really wanted to be alone when we moved. We told her at first that no she couldn't stay with us but then we said well you can stay for a month or so, or however long you need to get a place.

So far she's been great, she starts work tonight so she should soon be over her boredom. Kristen and I have even talked about letting her stay the summer. She works a lot of hours so we would barely see her and she would be gone home by Sept. We haven't decided for sure yet but I really don't think it's going to be that easy for her to get a lease for 3 months, no matter how nice the landlord might be. Either way we'll see how it all pans out.

Saturday Kristen and I went to a couple of yard sales, I bought 9 picture frames for $3 they're all different colours and very cute. Then off to Stephs house where we painted the nursery. It only took us two hours to do two coats. It's so exciting...cause now that the hard part is completed, Steph will just finish the room here and there and before you know it the nursery will be completed. The green was inspired by
this line of baby bedding that she totally fell in love with, it's called Clover Fields.

Us standing next to the finish product (L-R: Myrna, myself, Jen & the pregnant Steph)

After that I went home for a quick nap and a hot shower. Then off to Myrna's & Jamie's house for rotisserie chicken. Jamie definitely has a knack for the bbq because it was DELICIOUS!! Then the girls and I watched a movie, can't think of the name but it's something about a vacation with Queen Latifa, I thought it was cute and a few funny parts.

Yesterday Kristen and I went to the Superstore to get a couple of necessities for the week (this week is grocery week) and ended up buying these really nice frames to go above our couch in the living room. Will post pics once we get them mounted. I really like them, we were going to get a painting but I'm very pleased that we found such nice pictures on sale. Last night Myrna and Jamie came by so us girls watched Greys Anatomy, I cried so much when the pregnant momma died...embarrassing but it was just so sad. I love that show!!

Kristen smoked ribs on the bbq for dinner (which take approx 2-3 hours) and they turned out to be soooo good. I'm very excited about having leftovers for lunch :) After dinner and after Myrna & Jamie left we finished up some odds and ends in the garage, pumped up the tire on the car and finally went to bed for a good nights rest. Not an eventful weekend but a busy weekend...oh and making fun of Kristen yesterday with his hangover was fun too, the boys were in the garage drinking while the girls were in the house watching the movie. Bet he wished he watched the movie with us yesterday He kept trying to tell me that it must have been something he ate, I said yeah, it's called Sleeman clear. Those boys!

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