Friday, December 1, 2006

Three's a Charm

I think this is the 3rd time I've signed in since my last post wanting to say something but having no idea what to talk about...

And today is the was a crazy week at work due to month end deadlines and very cranky customers. I won't go any further cause it's just not worth it.

Today is cold, rainy and windy...pretty miserable. But honestly I would rather have snow...yes I said it...I want snow! I hate driving in it but I love snow this time of year. Definitely makes things more festive.

Tonight I'm skipping Kristen's hockey, my plan tonight is to go to the grocery store, then do some cleaning and take out ALL MY CHRISTMAS STUFF! Yay! Because tomorrow Kristen and I are hosting a Christmas dinner party, think there'll be around 10 of us so hoping it goes over well. Nothing fancy, just an excuse to get together and chow down!

And Sunday I'm going SHOPPING! I'm going to Old Navy to get me some deals! this will hopefully finish the family, then all that's left is Kristen....and he's easy to shop for cause there's so many things I could get him, the hard part is figuring out what to get out of all the options. The Budget helps :) that you know exactly what I'm doing this weekend, I shall sign blog is so entertaining....NOT! Oh speaking of "not" has anyone seen Borat? Very politically incorrect but funny...I think I may have mentioned it before but if not...I just did :)

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Anonymous said...

We finally got some snow here. It looks like Christmas. Have fun at your dinner party.