Monday, December 11, 2006

How the Grinch,...I mean Kristen...Stole Christmas

Yesterday Myrna, Jamie, Kristen and myself decide we're going to Adam's Tree Farm just outside of Shelburne to get our Christma tree (I heard about it through an inter office email)

You hop on the back of a tractor and take about a 5 min ride to where the trees are. You get there, take a saw and start walking through the trees to find the one that's "just so" for your home.

Kristen and I immediately go the opposite way of Myrna & Jamie, and every tree that I say what "about that one", Kristen goes...Christa be serious....I'm like "I am! You're not going to find a PERFECT tree Kristen" we stop at 2 trees that we're just about to cut and Kristen goes..."let's look a little more."

We start looking again and we find Myrna and Jamie, who has just finished cutting down their tree.

Right next to them is a tree that was one of their "potential" choices, and Kristen is like well what do you think of this one Christa? I said Kristen "I don't care, you're going to pick whatever, just pick a tree." So he goes "well GUARD This one and I'll look around..."

As I'm waiting, Myrna decides to take my picture I say to her, "I bet you he's gone on and cutting a tree!" And we turned around here comes Kristen with a tree! I said Kristen you seriously didn't cut down the tree without me, he said well you said just cut one, I said yes but I still wanted to be there and have a bit of an opinion. So YES Kristen ruined Christmas...!!! Well not really but I was disappointed. I think he felt bad too, though he would NEVER admit it in a million years! As soon as he showed up Myrna goes "ooohh'' in that oh you're in trouble tone...! :)

Overall it was a good day, and well worth it, we paid the same for the tree as if we went and bought it from a Zellers parking lot and we got the tractor ride and hot chocolate for free! I would recommend this to anyone who lives in the area for next year or this year if you haven't purchased your tree yet. So much fun!

Just a few more pics:

Kristen & Jamie pulling the trees to the waiting area for the tractor. And Myrna & Jamie on the tractor ride back, looks like Myrna is being attacked by her tree.

Our tree going through the tree chute to be wrapped for the journey home.

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Anonymous said...

Seriously laughing out loud at this post...wish I had taken a video of you and Kristen "discussing" how he had ruined Christmas...that would be hilarious to watch over again next year...he he!
And yes, I WAS being attacked by our tree...notice how Jamie is coming to my rescue? HA!