Wednesday, December 20, 2006

This past Saturday was the annual girls cookie bake, unfortunately Jen wasn't there and I didn't realize the full impact of this until we were packing up the finished product and I couldn't understand how I managed to fit ALL my cookies in a couple of cookie cans. With Jen missing we were less two whole batches of cookies!! The horror!!
Here are some pictures below...Pebbles (one of Vicki's hilarious cats) was very busy most of the day licking up whatever cookie crumbs or small spills of cookie mix in the kitchen. She is also in our group photo...she's just so darn cute!

To be honest, I haven't tried ONE cookie yet. I put them in the freezer as soon as I got home and then forgot about them. Which is a good thing, otherwise I wouldn't have any cookies for guests over the holidays.
Only 5 Sleeps til Christmas everyone! Are you excited yet?? Despite no snow and the fact that it will be a green Christmas this year (and probably raining Christmas day) I'm very much in the Christmas mood and VERY excited in general about the festive season :)


Ickie said...

Im getting pretty excited my self now. Those cookies look so yummy. Merry Christmas Christa. I hope you have a great Christmas.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, we don't have much snow here now either but the kids are sooooooo excited about Santa coming. Sherry and I are doing our annual cookie making on Friday. Hope they turn out as good as all those cookies look.

Quirky Christa said...

Merry Christmas to you as well Erica...hope it's a great one!