Friday, June 16, 2006

Dancing Hubby

For those of you who know Kristen, you know he loves to dance, but he won't usually unless he's had a few drinks to loosen him up since all the newfie guys we hang out with don't dance at all or ONLY if they're extremely intoxicated :) ...and since Myrna embarrased her hubby the other day on her blog it's my turn to do the same to mine :)

As you know tonight is the Jack & Jill, well Kristen just sent an email which said:

"well with the Dance tonight, I figured this might be a good thing to send around....
If you see any of my awesome new moves on the floor, you know where I got
totally kidding...

This is too awesome to not send around again, just to get everyone in the party mood"

Check out the link and see what he's talking about. Happy FRIDAY Everyone!


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Stephanie said...

really funny. The sad thing is I really like almost all of those songs.