Thursday, June 15, 2006

Busy Bees

Life has been so hectic the last couple of weeks, not complaining I actually like being busy. Sometimes overwhelming but all in all, it's all good.

So we did get grass yesterday but only in the backyard (VERY EXCITING) and hopefully getting it in the front yard today. I will post pics I promise! Kristen has purchased our lawn mower, not because we can use it yet but because it was the one we wanted and it was on sale.

Tomorrow is Vicky & Corey's Jack & Jill I have already prepared jello shots and will be working on the 50/50 draw tonight (have to decorate a box) also have to finish a project for Steph's baby shower coming up July 16th. And tonight I'm hoping to get a bit of shopping done after my walk with Myrna. The terrible daughter hasn't even purchased her Fathers Day card yet, let alone mail it.....eek! We've also been invited to a birthday party on Saturday which as of now we will be going too. It's out of town so we either have to make sleeping arrangements or DD arrangements. Wink, wink Steph :)

Should be lots of pics to post by sunday...especially the Jack & Jill cause those Cullihalls sure can party!! Last years Jack and Jill, for Jason and Steph, was crazy....I did blog about it, see archives July 18th, 2005. And I did post pics but only sensible ones because the rest would be too embarassing for myself and others who Cheers Everyone!

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