Monday, June 26, 2006

the ME blog

How do I explain this, Myrna has a friend Tara, who has a friend Leslie. I read all of their blogs on a regular basis. So today when reading Leslie's (who's an avid scrapbooker) she referenced this new Blog site called "the Me blog"

Here's their purpose:
"So here we are. Autumn Leaves' recently published 'The Me Book,' a successful look at ways to create layouts all about you. And to encourage and continue the 'ME' movement, we've started this blog.
Look here every week for a new challenge. A new way to document yourself. Post your layouts somewhere and hook us up with a link. And once a week, we'll choose a winner (at random) from the submissions and send you a little something."

Here's the website, for you scrapbookers, thought it would be a challenge that's new & different. It's so true though, you end up doing pages of everyone you've ever met when you scrapbook except for yourself.

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