Monday, June 5, 2006

It's a boy!

I was so convinced that Steph & Jason were having a boy. My reasoning being all the old "wives tales" Here's a few Steph had that made me think it....

1) If you gain weight on your body rather than just your belly. She hasn't gained much but enough that you can see.

2) Needle & Thread test, for further details on this see Myrna's blog. Either way we did the test on Steph and it ALWAYS said a girl.

3) Chinese Horoscope, Steph went online and based on when you think you conceived and your dute date it tells you the sex of the baby, that too said a girl.

I am not disappointed it's a boy, just surprised it's a boy. When she called me Friday afternoon to tell me I didn't believe her at first. Thought she was saying it just to get me going :) I am soooo excited though, wouldn't know but she actually had the baby. Congrats Jason & Steph!! Guess you'll have a little hockey player and hunting/fishing buddy Jason :)


myrna_weblog said...

I was also convinced COMPLETELY that it was a :) We're so silly with our old wives tales. Congrats on the baby boy Stephy & Jason!

Anonymous said...

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