Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Christmas Tidbits

Random Christmas Tidbits.....
1) Co-worker that I sit next to, changed her radio station to ALL Christmas music.....sweeeet!!!
2) Co-worker who I've "sort of" taken on as a little brother (living on his own for the first time who comes to me for advice sometimes) gave me a Christmas card today, and it basically said "thanks" and I don't know why but it TOTALLY made my day :)
3) Kristen & I smelled "burning" on our tree last night, no worries, we haven't burned the house down....not yet anyway. But I guess it means our 8 year old lights will be thrown out and will need to purchase new ones. Should be quite the adventure trying to re-do the lights with all the ornaments already on the tree.
4) Another co-worker is retiring and today is her presentation of a card and yummy cake, can't wait...YUM! I love cake.
5) 1 Week, 7 sleeps til Christmas....woo-hoo! Did I mention I love Christmas?!?!
Happy Tuesday!

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