Wednesday, December 19, 2007


So I get a Christmas card yesterday.....front of the card says...."He's making a list and checking it twice" ....inside of the card says "Santa seems a little obsessive compulsive doesn't he?"
And the note from my dearest friend Jen..."Christa: saw this card and immediately thought of you" HA HA!!!
Actually I did laugh out loud when I read it....and I know I'm anal....there's no denying it.
See those who don't know me "that" well should know that I pretty much have a list for EVERYTHING! I have a list for groceries, I have a list of meal plans for the week, I have a list of things "to do", I have a list that's a "sort of" budget for the month of bills, spending money, etc, and currently I have a list of Christmas gifts to buy for Kristen, then another list of gifts to buy for others, and even a "wishlist" but not for Kristen, it's for myself in case I get any $ as Christmas gifts and for some Christmas gifts that I need to buy for myself FOR Christmas gifts. Confused yet?!?!
But that's me, I like to be organized, I like to be on time, I don't like procrastinating, and I find without my lists I'm VERY forgetful. Plus for those people who don't use lists, I don't know how you do it? Hats off to must be a talent. I could never do it. So are we calling that obsessive compulsive?? When I look at how many lists that I do, yeah I'd have to agree. But I'm really not like that with everything....I'm just OCD when it comes to lists :)
I'm sure we all have "something" though, Jen for example, the culprit of the card to begin with...has a thing with germs (as we all do within reason) Jen just a little more than others. And absolutely nothing wrong with that, that's just "her"
Well they say the first step is admitting there is a problem....
"Hello: my name is Christa and I'm a list-a-holic"


Daphne Hughes said...

LMAO....I guess you could call me a plan-a-holic...I use calendars and organizers for everything. I have one for our schedules which both Colin and I can look at and know where each other is or has to be and what the kids are doing (guess it's kinda a must when you have kids) and then I have another calendar that I use for our budget that lists on what days which bills are due and when were getting paid etc. But I have to admit that I make lists lists, Christmas lists, to do lists....and then when I get it half done I have to make a new list cause I hate it when it's messy and things are crossed off. I like them nice and neat. I think I have a problem too. LMAO.... "Hi, my name is Daphne and I'm a plan-a-holic"...should we make a support group. lol.

Quirky Christa said...

Oh No....I'm a "plan-a-holic" too?!?! I have the calendars, day planners, and all that too. We definitely need to start a support group. And totally agree about having to do a "new" neat & tidy list once the other one gets a few things crossed off.