Friday, December 28, 2007

Christmas 2007

First...Christmas Eve:
Before shot of our yummy lobsters, then into the pot!
Then my bro showed up....and then the after shot...yummy lobster...did I mention that already?

Second on Christmas eve...the little ones. Here's Esau showing off his new coat. Then there's Tristan showing off his present from us. His very first guitar :)

Christmas Morning:
Our tree with all the un-opened gifts. Kristen & his new hockey pants

Kristen opening his new compound bow case & me later in the day showing off my new "camel pack" from Kristen. The water goes in the back pack and you drink it through the tubey thing :)

Look Ma! Matching hats!

Turkey dinner
Really like this picture of Kristen even though his smile is a bit goofy :)
And the boys on their computers....let's just say Christmas day was very relaxing

Hope you all had a great Christmas!

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