Thursday, November 16, 2006

Nan & Pop Ball

This is my Nan & Pop Ball at Nan's 85th Birthday party (yes I forgot to put birthday wishes on here for her, I'm a terrible granddaughter) I think she looks pretty darn great for her age...also please note that is her NATURAL hair colour. I think it was only around 10-15 years ago when she got her first grey hairs. Lucky gal!
Apparently as a child she had firey red hair (thus where the red hair comes from on my Dad's side of the family) but when she got some kind of fever as a child, I know it starts with an 'r' her hair turned black and has been ever since. Strange stuff back in the day I tell ya.


Anonymous said...

Does she ever look good !!!!....Wow..Happy birthday to your nan:)

myrna_weblog said...

Your grandparents look wishes that your nan will make it to a healthy and happy 95th!