Friday, November 17, 2006

The Queen of Ramblings

It seems that's all I do....

Jennifer: today is her last day at work, and just over 3 days from now she will be on a plane to Nfld. Looking forward to seeing her at hockey tonight, I've avoided her all week (via email, calling in the evenings) out of consideration of her VERY busy schedule, from training the girl replacing her, to packing, to probably countless conversations with people interupting her at work to say good-byes, etc. Mryna told me as of 2pm she had cried once, I'm sure it's been much worse since then.

Christmas Shopping: this weekend's "to do list" is to finish the gift shopping for the Nfld family (my parents, Kristens parents, his sisters, granparents) I finished my mom lunchtime, grandparents will be finished tonight whenI go to walmart to buy gift cards to go with their gifts, and Sunday, Kristen and I will finish the rest after his hockey game. Then all that's left are the Ontario family and each other :) Yay! I LOVE Christmas!

LED lights: We going to buy LED lights for the outside of the house this weekend, I like the classic look of white lights but I don't like how the LED lights look light blue (called icy white on the box), even though they say they're white. Much to my delight this year they brought out 'pure white' which are a clear bright white, and then they have 'soft white' which almost have a yellow cast to them and look more like non LED traditional white lights. I'm so torn!! I don't know which of the whites I want to buy now....pure white or soft white?!?! Any tips from someone who may have bought them?

Decorating: I love decorating the house for Christmas, I will probably start Dec. 1st since Kristen and I are hosting a dinner party on the 2nd. Everything but the tree will be out/up, we put up a real tree as of last year so that can't be done til closer to Christmas. There are a couple of things that I would 'like' to buy to add to my collection but they're not necessities so not sure if I'll end up getting it or not...the couple of things I have in mind are a wreath (with gold and ivory accents) for the front door and ivory ribbon/ornaments for the tree - I have enough in gold. So nothing too expensive or important meaning if I don't get around to buying these things not a big deal.

Anyway...enough for one Friday afternoon. Have a great weekend everyone!

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Anonymous said...

We bought thoses LED lights last year-I didn`t know they looked blue either until we put them up. Oh well I`ll be keeping them for a few more years I guess