Tuesday, November 14, 2006


Congrats to Kenda and the rest of the team for winning the Volleywest tournament they attended in Corner Brook last weekend. They lost their first few games, but won 1 which sent them to the semi finals, won that and then won in the finals! How's the for being down but not out! Congrats girls :)
Seems like I haven't posted in a while but I feel like I shouldn't post unless I have pictures or something interesting to say. If I posted whenever I felt like it, it would be the typical Christa ramblings. I'm told I ramble quite a bit (not only blog related)
Saturday Steph, Jen, Myrna, Vicki and I went to the movies to watch Open Season. It was cute, a good family movie. The hi-light of the movie for me, was almost at the end when the whole theatre goes quiet and it's the serious part....well the guy next to Jen lets out this big ol BURP!! I LOST it, I was laughing so hard and trying to be quiet at the same time, with the tears coming (you know what it's like when you're trying to be quiet cause you're not supposed to laugh out loud) and Vicki looks at me and goes "Are you crying" I manage to whisper (quite loudly in my opinion) "No, I'll explain later" But Miss Jennifer keeps laughing and I keep feeling her seat shaking which starts my laughter all over again, I eventually half whipser to Jennifer "I ...can't.....breathe...." not sure if we caused a scene or not (don't think so) but boy did it strike me funny. Any other day I probably wouldn't have even noticed, either way had a great time at the movies.
Then a few of the remaining girls went to Myrna's but not before renting Brokeback Mountain and some cheesy volleyball movie to which I can't even remember the name. Just want to say I was very skeptical about Brokeback Mountain and even though some scenes were weird (to be polite) to watch, the overall movie was good and I really liked the story line, even though it's fictional I really do believe that this could be or is someone's reality. And yes, I would recommend you to watch it. I still think it's more a chick flick in a twisted sort of way cause I think women would appreciate the movie more then men. Straight men just won't be able to get past the gay part (well men that I know wouldn't).
Anyway that's the latest, volleyball updates and movies reviews it seems today's themes are. Til next time!

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