Monday, October 3, 2005

Babysitting Esau

This weekend was a good one, Friday night I went to watch Kristen play hockey (which they won, due to the other team having no goalie) and VERY early Saturday morning I headed to Kristen's Uncle Brians house to babysit Esau. Kristen and his Uncle were going Deer hunting since it was opening day of the hunting season. I was nervous but excited. Esau is 9 months old and I haven't babysat a child that young literally in years! But it all went well, he's such a pleasant and easy baby to take care of. When he woke up in the morning he didn't cry he just sat up and grinned at me. Later in the afternoon, Myrna, Esau, the dogs and myself all went for a walk. It took us a while to get ready (leashes, strollers, coats, hat, doggie bags, etc) but then we were off and it was a really nice time. No wonder Dr. Phil says a stay at home mom is equal to 2 full time jobs (especially if you have dogs) lol!!

I had a great time though, I don't think I failed miserably at being a pretend mom for the day. However, I didn't exactly get "baby fever" either. I know I do want kids but I also know that I'm not "quite" ready to start trying for a little one just yet :) I do hope that I get the opportunity to babysit again, he's just so sweet and its really good practice too ...he he. I think Uncle Brian is doing a great job considering everything he's been through and how well he seems to be coping.

Then on Sunday I did laundry, went to Kristens 2nd hockey game of the weekend (which they lost 5-3) and then headed to Acton for a look at our house. The ceilings are done, drywall done, hot water tank and furnace installed, garage door going to the backyard installed and all our ceramic tiles for the floors and bathroom are on site and hopefully being installed soon as well. Only 23 sleeps and we move! Yay!


dafrhug said...

I loved hearing about your babysitting experience. When are you coming up to babysit the three kids for me???? lol. Now there's some practice!

myrna_weblog said...

Esau is so sweet! It was nice going out for a little walk with you and the "kids". The dogs behaved MUCH worse than the baby! :)