Friday, October 21, 2005

Love Triangles & Legal Assistants

It's been a crazy week, not only at home packing boxes but at work too (month end, and countless invoices). Just an update on the love triangle, the co-worker came in the next day to ask why I put through the call from the ex-girlfriend. I explained that she said it was urgent and she had never said that before so I didn't really know what to do. The co-worker replied, well it doesn't matter, no matter what she says, emergency or not I don't want the call. She can't call me at home and I like it that way, and I don't want to take her calls here...or something along those lines. I'm like that's fine, now I know. She's like well I don't want to keep bothering you about it. And that was it....but deep down I still think it's a collections agency. Wish I really could get to the bottom of this. Myrna had left a comment however about "karma" and how she's not so innocent and pure herself. So maybe she really is an ex and this is her payback. Life works out in strange ways.

Now as for legal assistants...there's been some confusion with the final numbers on prices for closing costs. To figure it all out, it appears some of our upgrades weren't added to the mortgage so they want us to pay cash for them at closing. So I'm trying to get the proper paperwork sent to our mortgage guy so a cheque can be sent from the bank to the lawyer for closing day. However, for the past 3 days I seem to be hitting a wall cause nobody is understanding what I am requesting and I'm the middle person. Finally today I was talking to my lawyers assistant and she started getting mad and snippy with me, cause she thought I was being an ass. So I told her how to add, yes really I did....and she's like oh yes I see what you're saying now. Grrr...

So as of now, I think everyone understands what paperwork I require and its just a waiting game. Can't really expect too much on a Friday afternoon I guess. But if this is my only headache with moving to the new house, I'll take it. Knock on Wood, so far things have been going pretty well. Maybe moving day will be a disaster...eek!!

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Ickie said...

When are you moving, end of month?