Thursday, October 6, 2005


I feel like doing a post but I really have nothing to talk about.Oh there are a lot of things going on in my life right now that I could talk about but prefer not too since this isn't really the most private place to share my thoughts.

Kristen was pretty excited last night about the NHL season starting again. Unfortunately Leafs lost against the Ottawa Senators in overtime but they still played a great game. While he watched hockey I had all intentions of catching up on some reading but ended up scrapbooking instead. I finally started Myrna's and Jamie's wedding pages. They aren't finished but well on the way. Just need to finish up the journalling and embellishments. After cluing that up for the evening I watched LOST. Oh did I mention that Kristen and I like Sawyer as a future boy name when we eventually do have kids!?!? lol.

Tonight Jen and I are going to the Volleyball Captains meeting, even though its a pain in the butt to go, it's very exciting cause it means that volleyball is "probably" starting next Wednesday...yay :) I hope we have a great season this year, we have a couple good players that I think we'll be a real help to us this year. Not only will we have fun we might be more competitve than previous years....hope so...he he.


myrna_weblog said...

Saw yer Jamie would say.
But spoken in "normal" english, I love it. lol :)
Aren't you going to miss Survivor going to Vball meeting tonight?
Hockey! Blech! Last winter was way too peaceful.

dafrhug said...

I love reading your rambling blogs. Makes me feel like I'm right there with you listening to you blabber on about your life. lol. Just kidding. Does make me feel closer though.

Jenny said...

Well I get to hear Christa's ramblings 365 days a year. But that's the best thing cause she sometimes listens to mine....don't ya Christa?.....Christa?.....Are you listening? Just teasing. :)