Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Blue Heron Eats Frog

On our way back home from Flesherton I see this heron with some "thing" hanging from it's mouth, it almost looks like a starfish cause all I see is a lump hanging by what looks like a leg, with another leg and two arms just flailing about!
I start laughing at scream at Kristen 'HEY I think that's a heron trying to eat that frog'
Kristen: Yeah right
Christa: Turn around
And sure enough, Kristen turns around and this is what we see!

A bit of a closer view, sorry it's blurred. The bird flew away just after this with the frog still dangling from her mouth. Not sure if it's a her but for some reason I just think it is. I know it seems cruel but remember it's a part of nature :)

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