Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Deer Feeder

It seems hunting season is just around the corner again. Bow season for deer starts Oct. 1st, so in preparation, Kristen bought a deer feeder. It's like a tin 5 gallon bucket that you hang from a tree and it's full of feed (a corn mixture you buy from the hunting store - Bass Pro Shop in this case) below is a little container that has battery inside and a sensor that releases the food at dawn & dusk. There is enough food in the bucket right now to last two weeks. The idea is to draw deer to the area now, so they'll still be around when hunting season starts.
For you people who aren't really big on the whole hunting scene, this isn't "setting them up" like it seems. The deer are already on this property, you're just guiding them a little to exactly where you want them on the property. And it's not like you have a free for all with it, you still have to have all the proper tags and things like you would if you were moose hunting. Also, shooting a deer with a bow is much harder than shooting with a gun.
Kristen in the tree stand checking out the view. I actually climbed it myself to see what it was like, it was pretty neat.

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