Friday, August 11, 2006

Steph in Labour appears we may have a new Baby Boy Cullihall in the world at any minute! Here's why:

5:20am - phone rings, I reach for it, it goes flying across my night stand...

Christa: very sleepily..."hello..."
Voice: quite shaky and quivery....."hello...."
Steph: I think so....either way we're going to the hospital and I won't be going to work.
C: Are you sure it's not Braxton hicks?
S: No, I think my water broke and I started getting period cramps
C: Ooohh.....okay how long do they last and how far apart?
S: I don't know
C: Okay start timing them
S: Okay
C: Okay well call when you find out what's going on
S: Yep I will

And that was it I hung up...I roll over, thinking I'm going to get back to sleep, but NOOOO I'm WIDE AWAKE. Trying to stay still and be quiet cause I know Kristen can be cranky if he doesn't wake up I finally say "that's it" and get up. First thing I do is call Steph's cell, either it's off or she didn't take it.

I decide I'll shower and go from there. I call Jen once I'm out of the shower to let her know what's going on and come to work. At work, I call Jason's cell...thankfully he answers. He said I just came outside for a bit of air. I ask how she is, he said she was already dialated when they got there and she's about to have the baby at any moment. I asked if she had an epidural and he said no, I asked if anyone was in with her (she was supposed to be asking a neighbour but don't think that happened since she's in labour 2 and a 1/2 weeks early) he said no, but the nurses are with her and I'm right outside the door.....phew. I told him well you call me right away if she needs me for anything. He said he'll do...and that's the scoop.

Just waiting for him to call me now and tell me if little Tristan has come into the world yet :)

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