Thursday, August 24, 2006

Our little Fledglings Have Left the Nest

We knew the day would come, but it's such sweet sorrow.

I'm happy that our little baby birds have left the nest as they were supposed too, yet I'm sad that they aren't there anymore. I can't go out on my porch in the morning and "peek" in to see what little Brewser, Gerry and the gang are up too.

Especially Brewser who would look right at you and even turn his head a little in curiousity. He was so cute. Kristen tells me they don't go far from the nest for the first little while but truth is I haven't seen them at all since Monday evening, when Brewser was staring Myrna down.

Think these are only little birds, can't even imagine when I have kids of my own and they leave home for the first See below, my last picture of him :(

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myrna_weblog said...

I couldn't believe that little Brewser, so funny with his head sticking up and watching like a "hawk" (obviously a boy to think he's just a wee bit stronger than he really But so cute with the little tufts of feathers sticking up on his head, looked like a gremlin. he he :) I hope they all do okay. And I really hope the bird I hit this morning in the truck wasn't one of 'em, so upsetting :(