Thursday, August 10, 2006

Babble Babble

I don't have anything to talk about today, can you believe that, the gabby chick who could talk you blind doesn't have anything in particular to say. But I'm good at babbling and that is what I shall do.

No plans tonight really, going to attempt some laundry and clean my room (which literally looks like a tornado hit it) and maybe even watch Big Brother.

This weekend Kristen and I are going to Flesherton for a drive (making preparations for hunting season coming up) and who knows what else. There's the "Leathertown Festival" on Sunday, since Acton is known for it's LEATHER. So maybe we'll venture by there...otherwise should be a fairly relaxing weekend.

It's quiet not having Kenda around, not because she's a noisy person, just missing her presence that's all. It was so nice actually having a family member from home visiting with us for a vacation. And Blaine returns from Nfld on Sunday, wonder if he'll bring any fish back to us?

Anyway that's enough for today. Oh want to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! the following:

Jody Brake
Samantha Sheppard (my cousin, not Jody's niece)

Both birthdays were yesterday, sorry I'm late.

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