Tuesday, August 8, 2006

Kenda's Trip to Ontario

I can't believe it, Kenda flies home TODAY! How fast did two weeks go?? I'm really going to miss her. You don't realize how quickly your own family can become strangers to you when they live so far away. It was awesome having her visit.
Here's a few pics of her two weeks here. Last Sunday July 30th we went for a walk, this is Kenda at the end of the walk. Luckily she's smiling, we were all pretty frustrated with how many mosquitos were bothering us.

She went to all Kristens ball hockey games, and tonight is the last one of the season. She'll miss that one cause she'll be flying through the air

Kenda and I trying to enjoy the game, it was really hot and really humid. Thus, my rock-a-doodle hair going on :) And this Sunday Aug 6th we went to Niagara Falls
Kenda enjoying the falls
Me striking my falls pose...not much of a smile there is it??
No Kristen wasn't posing, he was waiting for Kenda and I to take pictures and I turned around and snapped a quick one of him.
It was great having her here and going to be really strange getting used to not having her here again tomorrow. She's just like a little sis and I'm going to miss her very much. Just hope I don't cry at the airport tonight....eek! That wouldn't be good.

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myrna_weblog said...

I'm sure she had a great time and is probably just as disappointed over leaving you, her big "sis".