Tuesday, August 8, 2006

Running Scared

Okay...I have never even HEARD of this movie before, didn't see any trailers, heard of it when it was in theatre, nothing...then last night Kristen, Kenda and I went to Movie Gallery to rent a couple of movies for the evening. Kristen picked this one out, I knew it would be a guy movie but I was okay with it since I am a Paul Walker fan.

It's the complete opposite of what you expect of Paul Walker (especially since the last movie I watched him in was the Disney movie "8 Below") but I have to say I liked it. If you get a chance, check out the trailer:


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myrna_weblog said...

OMG! I was telling Jen today about how "raunchy" this movie is...totally agree about the shock after watching him in Disney's "Eight Below". But it was good despite the fact that it was BAD!!! (know what i mean?)