Friday, August 25, 2006

Giggling Tomatoes

As I was getting ready for work this morning Kristen walks in the room...

K: You know what we should have done this morning?
C: What? (completely puzzled what he's going to say now)
K: We should have went out for breakfast
C: To Giggling Tomatoes??....
K: Yeah
C: Well give me about 5min to finish getting ready and we can go
K: Okay

So I hurried up as fast as I could and off we went, had bacon, eggs, toast, homefries and coffee. It was yum-my!! Normally I claim that I LOVE eggs and bacon yet it never really "hits the spot" for me, but today boy did it ever hit the spot. I was so glad Kristen suggested it...oh and by the way get brownie points for suggesting the two of us go out for breakfast to begin with :)

They don't have a website but they have two locations in Brampton, one on Queen St and one on Chingacousay Rd (however you spell it)

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