Tuesday, August 1, 2006

Toronto Zoo

Meerkat at the zoo (just like Timone in the Lion King)
I loved these guys! They were so spazzed out and kept running around, they wouldn't stay still so I could take a picture. Then for one split second he stopped and tilted his head to the side and posed. I took this picture and then off he ran again. It was really funny.

An Orangutang enjoying some leaves

Kristen was VERY annoyed that I wanted to take his picture with the Lion in the background. Notice that fake smile "SAY CHEESE!!"

I couldn't believe how tall the giraffes were!

I'm calling this the baby Hippo, this one was inside the Pavillion, when we went back outside we found a HUGE Hippo so this one had to be the baby. He was being very playful with these leaves.

Kenda (the whole reason we went to the zoo...yeah twisted our rubber arms) and the big elephant in the background. It was an extremely hot day but I think she still had fun.

We did soooo much walking and we were extremely hot and yucky when we left but well worth it. We arrived at 9am when the zoo opened, luckily. When we left around 2:30 the heat was almost unbearable.

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