Sunday, August 23, 2009

Weekend In Review

Another busy but great weekend!
Friday evening Kristen and I headed to the hospital to pre-register and do our tour. We didn't physically walk through the hospital but we went to a presentation that shows the map of the hospital, where we need to go, and all that good stuff. So I'm officially ready to go in to labour (speaking from the hospital point of view) from every other aspect, I'm not quite there
After that we headed to our friends house because I was in on a secret pamper party that was being thrown for Kristen.
Thanks to Jason & Corey who put in all the work to throw the "guy baby shower" just for him.
I know Kristen isn't one who would outwardly gush on about how grateful he is that he had "his moment" of becoming a Dad. But I honestly think he loved the gesture.
Sorry I don't have photos...if I get any I'll post them then.
Saturday was my baby shower here in Ontario hosted by my dear friends Vicki and Steph.
Girls you guys went above and beyond for little 'ol me. I know you enjoyed doing it and I loved every minute of it. To everyone who attended "thank you" baby Hann is already one spoiled child :)
Again I don't have photos but a friend of mine took some, so when I have them I'll share.
Later that evening Kristen & I went out to the movies to celebrate our 2nd wedding anniversary.
I can't believe it's been two years since we tied the knot!!! And now we're soon going to add a child to the mix. I am happy though, I truly am grateful the wonderful life we have together.
Then Sunday we headed to Tristan's 3rd birthday's a few photos of the fun.
Enjoying one of his presents.
Since Tristan is a HUGE spiderman fan the birthday had a Spiderman theme
Blowing out his Spiderman candle on his spiderman cake
Then it was time to "BE" Spiderman and shoot some webs!
Where I think the adults had just as much fun as the kids
Happy Birthday Tristan! I hope you had lots of fun :)
Today's Quote
Everything's been different
All the day long,
Lovely things have happened,
Nothing has gone wrong.
Nobody has scolded me,
Everyone has smiled.
Isn't it delicious
To be a birthday child?
~Rose Fyleman

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Holly said...

I have pictures from the pamper party & shower - I'll burn them onto a CD for you. Thanks for taking pictures yesterday, if you don't mind maybe I could get a few off you? :)
Congratulations on your anniversary!!!