Friday, July 10, 2009

Christa's Mozza Bacon Burger

So I decided half way through making these burgers that I should take photos for my blog.
Before we get to the photos I had already mixed:
lean ground beef
1/2 pack onion soup mix
2 tbsp worcestershire sauce
(I like to keep things simple)
Form the beef into patties and onto the hot grill
In between flipping the burgers, I'm in the kitchen doing the following..........
Frying onions
I hate raw onions and LOVE fried onions
Frying some bacon and cutting up mozzarella cheese
When the flipping is just about done, I add a small amount of a hickory bbq sauce
Don't forget to toast the buns!
Then start layering.....
**Sidenote: I SHOULD have put the cheese on the patties before removing them from the grill so it would have melted all nice and gooey....but my pregnant brain caused me to forget this step**
See? Would have been so much prettier if this was a gooey mess
Mmm.....fried onions
And what's a summer grilled burger without some Heinz
Happy Grilling :)
Today's Quote
A life without love is like a year without summer.  
~Swedish Proverb

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Myrna Hynes said...

Looks good! You're going to love our burgers at the cafe!