Thursday, July 9, 2009

Baby Update: 28 weeks

Hey everyone...I know I know I'm behind on belly pics. 
But a lot has been going on. Kristen has been working like crazy to complete the spare room in our basement so we can officially start the nursery. I've been helping too, in my limited way.
I've had lots of photo shoots. And then yesterday I had my mid wives appt.
So to hold you over here's a photo my brother took almost 2 weeks ago while we were visiting our Uncle and family
Everything is good, I received all of my paperwork to do my follow up ultrasound, a glucose test and a letter saying that I "should" be okay to fly. They can't say for sure that I am cause really "anything" could happen but IF the airline tries to give me a hard time next week when I go on vacation, at least I have something to back me up.
At my last mid wives appt, the mid wife from my team and I agreed I wouldn't do the glucose testing. Everything had been completely on track up to that point. Then yesterday I had a replacement mid wife, since the girls on my team are on vacation. 
Since my last appt I've gained too much weight, or more than the mid wives would like to see. Not extreme but enough. Enough that this "fill in" insisted that I take the glucose test. 
I know I know, its a standard test and not a big deal but I know I've had a sweet tooth this past month and I know that's exactly why I've gained the bit of extra weight. I just had hoped that they would have given me a bit more time to get on track before insisting I do the test. 
It's hard enough taking time off work for the mid wives appts as it is, but now I have another ultra sound to do, a glucose test to do, I need to take time somewhere to register with the hospital and do their required tour, and on top of that my dentist office keeps calling cause I'm due up for a cleaning. 
All of these things have finally gotten to me and last night as I was about to walk the dog I just had to go in my bedroom, lie on my bed and cry.
I just had to get everything off my chest. You seriously have NO idea how upset I am about this weight gain and the guilt I have about it possibly affecting the baby in a negative way.
But steps have been taken immediately to correct everything I've been doing wrong and the mid wife did suggest trying to replace my sweet cravings with protein, another thing that I'll be trying wish me luck that by my next appt (even with vacation) everything will be as it should be....**fingers crossed**
Otherwise, everything is on track. The baby is healthy, moving lots, and I'm loving every minute. Even the sleepless nights. The experience so far truly has been a blessing....and if I get a chance to take belly pics tonight I'll post them tomorrow...okay? Okay :)
Today's Quote
“You know it's a bad day when you put your bra on backwards and it fits better"
~Author Unknown


*kayla said...

you look so cute!

Myrna Hynes said...

That's a super cute pic, love the dress! And I absolutely know what you mean about SO many appointments, I felt like I was constantly in a waiting room. Don't stress, just do what you have to do, and move on to the next item on the agenda :)

Tara said...

You're so sweet....I'm so sorry we missed you when we were in Ontario (too much sight seeing to schedule a photo shoot)!

Please don't stress about the weight thing - it will all work itself out. It's weird when you have someone 'filling in' - I know, this happened when I was pregnant for Joshua (my doctor had a car accident and was off for 2 months) - it was awful.

As for the cry, I did the SAME Thing last night...just to let it out. YOU let it all out girlfriend, you deserve it!

Take care, you are in my thoughts often!


Janis Nicolle said...

you look GREAT:)