Thursday, June 11, 2009


Summer is JUST around the corner, next Sunday (which is also Father's Day) will be the first day of summer.
What do you have planned for this summer? Is summer your time to be busy? Travel? 
Or just relax in the backyard working on your tan and sipping a cold drink?
Do you catch up on your reading in the summer? Or exercise more?
 I LOVE summer! I love all the seasons for various reasons but summer and fall rank at the top.
Summer I love because I get to travel! 
I love love love travelling and wish I had way more money to spend on travel. 
Honestly if I won the lottery travelling and top of the line camera gear are right at the top of my wishlist.
Outside of that the rest of the money would be spent on family, charity, and probably upgrading a few things like a bigger property maybe for another dog :)
 Anyway....I'm just excited about summer. 
This year's plans include:
Day Trips 
First one to be taken this Saturday...can't wait
Trip to Newfoundland 
This is a double whammy both business and visiting family. It would be nice to actually go and do the "tourist" thing some summer
Kristen & I both love to cook & entertain...what better than good food with friends
 Today's Quote

“We fear desire because it can loose us from our moorings, but we need desire because it lets us know who we are.”
Mark Epstein, MD

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