Monday, May 4, 2009

Weekend in Review

What an eventful weekend.
Kristen shot his first turkey. He's been hunting wild turkey for about 3 years now. I guess 3 really is a charm.
We will be eating it this summer when we go to Newfoundland & celebrate with the family.
Here's a few shots that I took of him when we met up around 8:30 Saturday morning
I had put this next photo on Facebook & I keep getting asked if Boone was hunting too.
No, he wasn't. 
He's not trained for this type of bird hunting. Right now he's in training for duck hunting. He's only 10 months old and still has a lot learn, not only with hunting but even basic manners. Like not jumping on people because he's so excited to see them.
However, I must say he does look awfully proud in this photo though :)
After the photo op....Boone discovered that our friends quite large property has a very muddy area
The end result....Boone COVERED in mud
Yes, yes....this is him, rolling, frolicking, and just showing off how wonderful life really is to be a dog.
Settling down for a couple of minutes to chew a stick
But before all the mess, I was able to get this shot of him.
This is one of my new favs, I'll post my newest FAV photo of Boone tomorrow. Oh and just a side note.....since the new year has come in, I've been shooting in manual mode. No more automatic settings on the camera for me!
I'm so proud of me and the progress I'm making with learning more photography skills & tricks.
Happy Monday!

Today's Quote:
"The sportsman lives his life vicariously. For he secretly yearns to have lived before, in a simpler time. A time when his love for the land, water, fish and wildlife would be more than just part of his life. It would be his state of mind."   
~Jim Slinsky

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Myrna Hynes said...

Is duck hunting the normal thing to start with to train a dog for the hunt...I have no idea about that stuff, obviously. I can picture Boone getting all excited and scaring off all the critters.