Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Happy Tuesday

As promised....my new fav photo of Boone. I took this about a week ago at a park in Rockwood when Kristen & I were in the area.
  Also I have a Wedding Photographer survey up on my Photo Blog. I'm just looking for feedback. I'm really not sure if wedding's are something I want to specialize in or not. Not only are wedding photographers expensive, it's expensive to "be" a wedding photographer.
And your feedback of what you expect from a photographer would be MUCH appreciated. I'm sure these opinions will trickle into the other areas that photograph as well.
To go directly to the survey click HERE
Also Kristen went and killed his 2nd turkey last night. 3rd year REALLY is a charm. 
And that's it for his hunting season. He's all tagged out now. 
He might still be going with friends to help out but no more shooting for him.
Tomorrow....baby update!! :)
I had my ultrasound today....he, he.

Today's Quote:
The past does not define you, the present does.
 ~Jillian Michaels

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